Monday, May 30, 2016

Langkawi Yo part 1

Another scheduled post. For d obvious reason of course..

I was offered a chance to represent my state for AGM. Bolehje... Saya jawab half-heartedly. As usual saya fikirkan d Kids.. Masakkkk..

Luckily for a week there were non STOP PROGRAMs a.k.a no lesson.  Selamattt.. So I juz prepared holiday homework.
I  juz hate last minutes calling, so cced(?) kat semua orang  save me d trouble in d future.

Besides, had to focus my energy on d nomination documents.  Managed to complete a thick file for one nomination but for d second one, it was really an uphill battle. I went from room to room n talked to few people asking for d material.
To no avail.  Buang karan betul.
The deadline is on May 30... Great..
In d end saya submit satu saja dulu.  Saya fikir akan kawtim for d second nomination if I see the person in d near future.
Wish me luck.

To make matter complicated, I was on weekly duty. Hayadi, my partner pun will attend a course on Thursday n Friday.
It wouldnt b fair for Wan so I tried to complete d logbook on d day I was around.
Besides, I still come early on Thursday to conduct d assembly because that is what teamwork is about.

I mean, in 2010, Lindungan Kaabah suruh saya cover dia duty sebab he had to take d Kids for badminton tournament. He dont even ask weather I m free or not. So I covered him for a week!
Saya ingat dia akan rasa malu lepas sedar on same week I took d Kids out for d whole week n did d task at 4 in the afternoon. Yang dia pulak went out 2 hari je pun.
Air segelas pun dia x offer, cakap terima kasih pun tidak. Tak malukah?

But nope.
People like Lindungan Kaabah memang hilang rasa malu. mungkin dia fikir dia dah masuk level Kekasih Allah, semua kesenangan di dunia ini kiriman Allah atas amalan baiknya dan baginya menganiaya orang pun Allah masih beri pahala berlipat ganda.
Saya mohon janganlah Allah jadikan saya macam Lindungan Kaabah. I choose to work harder than menerima rezeki yang kurang halal.

So peeps, that was one of d reasons I tried to complete my task.  Saya paling takut menganiaya orang. For that, I think I've summed up why going out during office hours/ weekdays sangat saya kurang sukai.

It means I had to ten-fold my speed prior to d trip. Penat..

Later, I made a round seeing makcik kantin, pakcik cleaner, pakcik guard,  friends n colleagues bermaaf-maafan before d holiday comes. And of course, d Kids too..

Should I write I talked to the other friend longer? There were...  Errr... Things I need to know. And well...
When I shut d door behind him, part of the compartmental-friendships we used to share is locked. Eternally. 😯

I hit d road after Quick lunch with mom.
D food is great. But after talking to the other friend I lost my appetite.

I guess Yuna could write a New album for me.

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