Friday, May 06, 2016

On Meeting

Satu hari I received formal letter.πŸ“¨
An invite for a meeting, attached is cadangan usul. πŸ“

Since d venue is 78km away, haruslah saya berkira nak pergi, considering in d past d organisation did not very accommodating to our needs, so to speak.
Ok kalau vocab saya bagus, saya akan pilih perkataan yang lebih manis, it juz dat my poverty of vocabulary juz shuckkss.

So, I arranged for someone to b there on my behalf. I wrote an usul, as requested.

Come d day, d reP said she could not make it.  Jadi saya attended dengan senang hati.

M glad I did.
1. Able to get connected to few people who I think could help me out to perform my duty efficiently.

2. Managed to clear d air over some unspoken issues which raised ⏳questions. Told them about d decisions I had made were solely on logistic. Actually,4 months ago I had voiced it personally,  from my past experience,  eloklah saya stressed on d reason why again sebelum adalah pulak malaun kalis neraka yang pergi bawak cerita "boleh ke kerja dengan dia ni? dia ni begitu begini yadayada".
Lesson learnt.

Kalau ada benda yang saya kesalkan hanyalah usul tu.
It turned out, saya sorang je yg gigih tulis usul. It was not discussed pun. It was wrongly adressed too.
Tapi saya x berniat nak argue when d organiser cakap mereka tersilap tulis.
To err is human kot.

Takkan nak petik pasal SUB derang beli bedding gila mahal ngan jam tangan macam sultan Brunei.
Chillex sudahh..

In d end it turned out well.
At least, it served its purpose.

It taught me,..
Whenever there is a meeting which requires your present, juz go.
You might be surprised with d out onesπŸ†’

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