Monday, May 23, 2016

On teachers day

1. People been saying teachers make d fool out of themselves on teachers day. I beg to differ. One of my '" O Mai gawd" moment Was when I saw our  a Malay Cikgu Disiplin sang a Tamil song siap dengan gaya sekali.
Baru saya tau Cikgu Disiplin yang juga cikgu sains tak pernah senyum sewaktu mengajar tu, manusia biasa rupanya...
I like!

2. There were times yang I was in between awfully stressful important meetings so x sempat langsung nak beli hadiah atau prepared for Thematic dress.  Tapi for most of time. i will to follow d dress 👗 come.
Bukan sebab saya suka sangat, but more to respect friends of mine to show to d Kids the meaning by of friendships.

3, I was saddened when yang diraikan shy away from d events. Sampainya hati...
To think dat d Kids had Puť a lot of effort  to organise a wonderful n memorable party..
Sampainya hati.... 😭

4. D teachers fraternity complained continuously about d lack of appreciation from d communities. Persoalan yang bermain kat kepala saya was, " did u respect them and appreciate them well when they join d celebration? "
Frankly I was embarrassed with certain holier-than-thou quarter.
Semoga Allah berikan mereka lesson yang sesuai supaya selepas ini adalah sedikit perasaan humble tersemai dalam hati mereka.

To d Kids, thanx to d wonderful performances.

I really had a jolly good time.

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