Monday, June 06, 2016

1St Ramadhan

Baby woke me up for sahur. Had tumbler of plain water. Cukuplah tu...

At 7.3O she took me to train station. RM5.00 later I was told d earliest train to Slim River would be at 4.30p.m.

Yeah rite.
I paid RM 2.40 n travelled two stations further only to learn that  I should head to Pudu Sentral instead.
Luckily d weather was fine, so I walked downstairs, catch a shuttle which cost a mere RM2.
With d coolness of d weather, mokcik tabah sahaja menerima kebodohan diri.

At Pudu Sentral,  there was another wild goose chase. Mokcik is pening.
So mokcik berimaginasi sedang mengembara ke negara asing,  n did d touristy thingy... Asked d auxilary cops.

Apparently, there is no ticket counter anymore. GO down n bought d ticket then u can wait upstairs.

It was not a good experience when I could not find d ticket seller n there imigrant workers were waiting for d bus too.

Luckily there was a Malay boy too. I asked him to accompany me.
I rarely feel uneasy.
once I stayed at Pudu from 4 a.m. (I took midnight express bus from Penang back then)  and walked alone to Klang bus stand at 6.30 a.m. but Pudu Sentral of today is juz so awfully quiet.

In Tg Malim, boarded another bus to Slim River. The fare is RM3.
When I was in school, back in d 80s, it was only RM1.05 from Tanjung Malim to Sungkai.
Anyway,  ada bas pun dah cukup bagus.

Get into d car n stopped at the Econsave to but Chillies.  Since lemon is on discounted price I bought 3 pieces of lemon for 89sen each. A real bargain!

I decided I need some anchovies, a slab of tempe (soy bean cake) and tomatoes. Impulse buying.

Fuji Apples are only 60sen each. Tengah pilih a Chinese Ah So complained that d pricing was misleading.  I told her to complain to d staff, tapi she kept repeating her complains.  Jadi mokcik bawa her packet n talked to d staff myself.
She got d New pricing which makes her extremely happy.
Muka mokcik muka kaki komplen kot.

Then I went straight home. Dozed off.

At 7p.m I started cleaning d house while preparing for dinner. I lead a simple life. Spend time in d kitchen berjam-jam to make People happy and love me more during Ramadhan,  tidaklah mokcik sudi.

For iftar, fresh 🍎, plain rice, Spicy anchovies with tempe, pegaga,  salty fish n a jug of πŸ‹ tea.

A very not  so frugal Ramadhan I might say.


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