Monday, June 13, 2016


Oh no..
I was sprawling on d bed, looking at d spinning at full speed white ceiling  fan, unable to move  my body from 3.45p.m - 6.00P.m.
Kot tak fikir solat Asar, saya memang tak nak bangun..

It was dat bad.
And I was not alone...

Let me start from d morning.
Woke up at 4a.m.
In between witir n tadarus, I had Sahur, revised lesson plan n performed Subuh prayer.
Answer few texts.  pending texts actually.
Started my Journey to work at 6.45a.m.

We had assembly today.  It was fun when began d first class then followed by Dhuha. Later, I walked 3  blocks away to d Workshop n had Shop talk with d old fren. Abg Bro was nowhere to be seen.

Half an hour later I went up to d 3rd floor for class. Went down 45 minutes later and we had a hell of time bergelak ketawa with Yong n Zeda. Dah lama x jumpa kot, benda x kelakar pun kitaorang ketawa bagai nak rak..

I dashed to d office to take Madiah's file and sent it down

Went up again, n tried to complete student's profile. I stumbled upon a boy's details. I couldnt share it here. Something juz not right. Kebetulan a dear friend lalu. Saya bisik2 tapi dia cakap dia x tau. So of course hal Jemah ni who else knows better than Abang Jem hoho..
I went down, walked to another block n talked to him. Which led to find d boy and seek for a certain document.

Then, I saw miscalled. Duh...
Went to Kak Zara n we talked about my trip application. It went well.
Yang tak bestnya ada katalog Tesco on her table. Called me silly...
Tengok gambar air botol tu pun saya dah rasa lain macam.

I bumped into a bunch of Girls who said I m supposed to relief their class.
I mounted up to d third floor again only to be greeted " silaplah Teacher...".
I waited for 45 minutes in an empty classroom because mokcik dah rasa x cukup energy dah nak turun naik.

By d time I finished my final class, on d top floor, it was a miracle I could go down n packed my bag n dashed home.

I stopped by at #18. My mom tengah ngaji. Dia suruh saya tapau lauk n balik cepat. Of course she knows betapa x ble pakai anaknya ini bila posa.

Once home, saya terus meluru ke bilik air. Mokcik panass okeh..

N d rest is history katanya...

" teruk sangat la ko Dik", Nik komplen bila saya kasi tau..
" kawan adik pun sama nik", saya jawab...

Which is true...
U shud see their faces at 2P.m tadi hahahhahaha..

Cikgu pun manusia biasa juga. Kalau dah turun naik tangga seploh kali sehari, maunya x rasa nak pitam?
Untunglah orang kerja opis.. Ada air-con segala



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