Friday, August 26, 2016

A midnight call part 2

So I could not sleep. Toss n turn few times..
Then I switched on d fb.

Just try my luck.

I used to Play games with ThIs person back in 2010 sambil sembang2. Lepas tu games tu dah boleh main offline. So tak perlulah saya hubungi beliau lagi n d friendships pun Agak2 pudar bersama waktu kekdahnya.

I know he checked messages before going to bed.

kawan: d u know what time izit cik. Its almost midnight!

I almost did chicken dance!

After years tak chatting. Kek lapis punya pasal terus tetiba we continued where we stopped kekdahnya.

Last time we talked, he quit job to look after his ailing father. In April  2015, his beloved father passed away. Unable to re-enter corporate line he started tuition class.

Adalah yang lain2, tapi off-recordla kan

Isnt it funny?
Kek Lapis punya pasal, persahabatan  yang dah frozen pun boleh warm semula.

Me So likeyy

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