Friday, August 26, 2016

Magical Layer Cake.

A brief entry, a reminder that sometimes I did silly things.  Kalau umur panjang,  I will look back n...  Errr..

Theotherfriend and I had a not so good argument. Huduh betul perangai memasing. At one point he blocked me n saya pun blocked dia juga. Bbnu!

Blocked kat whatsapps je. We still wished one another well via text message.  3 hari x tegur, masuk neraka, jangan lupa tu...

For d first time in life, tetiba he posed in front of camera. D pic was uploaded by someone else. Berianya, padahal it is.not his first time being there.. Change of heart?

Dah buang tabiat ke apa? I still remember dia cakap dia x nak ada kenangan.  All ThIs while it is an open secRet getting his pic is almost impossible.

Tapi kalau tanya, nanti tak kawan pulak...
So saya tanya, kalau dia boleh belikan saya kek lapis.

D cake arrived 2 days later. Just in time before I fly to Korea. How thoughtful.

Nak diskas pasal kek lapis, it was such a hassle guna text. Jadi saya unblocked n our whatsapp friendships resume.

Thanks to Layer Cake.
It clears a lot of befuddled Minds.


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