Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Less than perfect part 1

I was quite annoyed with few things lately. For a start, the need to re-do a paperwork when d first paperwork was copied from d same source. Y d source chose to give d incorrect ones in d first place is none of my business. To re-do at this point of time in my humble opinion is not an option.

I said NO because my schedule is very tight.
Could u suggest other date?, came a question.
Again, I said NO because my schedule is tight n asked that particular person to discuss directly with the PIC.

Saya tak ada keperluan nak beritahu the things yang saya bizikan itu.
Tak perlu.

I pitied anyone who think they can get away with their lackaidasical attitude...
Anyone who think everyone is at their beck n call.

Too bad they never meet someone like norizan adnan, yang mengejar Criminals in her free time.
I IS bizi.

Sorry. Cuba lagi

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