Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Less than perfect part 2

I think it is ok if you say No to something.  Especially when u have a valid reason to do so. Just say NO.  No big deal.
Juz delegates, it will save a lot of headache.

Tapi bila kata boleh then... Incomplete..
 Eh... Ok..
So I think it is not good.

" Xper biarlah saya tolong", katanya selalu.
Which is good.
Cuma bahagian dia, dia tak siapkan, nak menolong celah mana?😨

Really not good.

Maybe, I have come to d point of no return.
So I dumped everything.

Saya harap dia survived.
I hope dia learn a lesson, or two.

Kali ini I put my candy-coated smile.

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