Saturday, October 08, 2016


Life without drama is like bean soup in d summer. I am referring to Korean cold soup. Mokcik x boleh hadam makan sup sejuk chuols...

In a way,  drama is needed.

I was not happy over something. For some people, talking bad about people behind their back is acceptable. For another, it is a norm mendengar orang berkata buruk tentang kawan baik, asalkan dia x kata apa2.

For me both attitude is awful. How could u do that when you can always go straight to them n help them to be a better person.
Saya benci talam dua muka,  so to speak.

Let juz say I was very disturbed. As usual, I will let the other party knows my stand.

Few texted me, seeking apologies. I did not reply. Mokcik x kuasa nak melayan hahaha..

3 came to me n acted out..  Errr funny. Manja...

Only this morning, I learnt d repercussions of my outburst.

"U never mad at me before...", katanya.
" dia menangis tak berhenti kot....", kawannya cakap..

I hugged her n apologised.
" I pun mengong jugekkk", saya cakap sambil ketawa...

Which is true.
Mokcik pun manusia biasa. Ada hari ok, ada hari conk-out.

"Sekarang kita fokus ok. Sebulan je lagi ni.." saya cakap...

Both nodded knowingly.
I hope...  Hahha....

Sometimes,  drama is what we need katanya😝

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