Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Bunga2 Akhir

Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers. - Voltaire

Saya tulislah, manalah tau satu hari nanti kalau umur panjang  saya boleh toleh kembali dan jadikan sempadan.

There are things which d other friend used to do in d past, but lately he had been avoiding.

There are simple things he didn't do which makes my anxiety radar ping!
No elaboration.
I knew him like d back of my hands.

He had done it before.
Only at that time I was too naive.
Resulted, I was sidelined n humiliated.
That was d worst gift from him.

Till now,  I still had nightmares.
D experience scarred me for life,  I guessed.

Is it for real this time? I keep asking myself.
So, I did few things.
I asked few questions.
I looked straight into his eyes.
I read his body language.

Sadly, eyes never lies.

My only hope is,  however bad he n his gang did to me this time, like before, I will never fight back.
Let them do whatever they want, sambil playing victims.  Be it.

Saya mohon janganlah sampai saya menganiaya sesiapa pun sepanjang hayat saya.
Hidup ni singkat sangat kot...

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