Friday, October 07, 2016

Drama all d way:finale

Eh suka hati la nak sambung citer anytime suits me katanya...

Saya sentap betul kena tinggal. Lewat 2 minit je kot.. So Jiha n I drove but we stopped to meet someone who been a bit Errr hostile?

We had lunch then Yeah... A bit nostalgic, I guess

Jiha n I went to d musalla.  A batch from our school came by bus. Later another batch came. Cessss... Diorang tak tinggalkan saya pun, d fact d bus came late.

"Itulah... hari tu lagi akak dah kata, bak sini nombor talipon, ko kata nanti... Sekarang, udah nak contact pun tak boleh", kakak tu cakap sambil ketawa. Saya pun ketawa jugalah...
On d bright side, sebenarnya saya tak.lambat!

Another kakak, treated me tea. I was full, but she insisted.  What else can I do? Anyway I m grateful for her hospitality.

Hey! I met Saffa..
What a surprise.  A pleasant ones though😍

And a few good friends, whom I see during events.

Then d event began.
Funny, I asked someone if I could sit next to her, Since I need end seat.
Wow, she rudely signalled me to move inside instead.  I would understand kalau she booked a seat for friend,  tapi not.

In my humble opinion that is very teacherish behaviour. In their workplace they are Queen Bee. Dia lupa kot that was not her kingdom.  It saddened me So much why cant ones be humble n treated others nicely.

Did it dampen my spirit?

Few minutes later, a gentleman arrived. He called me previously to inform he might come a wee bit late.
I know he was ill-at-eased. Dia tak tau saya pun sama jugak.
He knows no one,  except me..
Dik... Kakak pun sama okehhh.

We talked a bit. Discussed a bit.
I like him a lot.
He always had time to help.

Then d event ended.  We went out n discussed again.
Mokcik kenkadang mmg pushy okeh..

" Nanti dah sampai rumah nanti call ye", dia kata. Itu part of his job spec.
Mokcik sengih2 je..
Call orang beritahu dah sampai umah tak termasuk dalam job spec mokcik.

Afterall,  sampai umah, I was flat out.

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