Sunday, October 16, 2016


We studied d paperwork.
My name is missing.  I had d same feelings when Lindungan Kaabah did that in 2 events before.
Of course, I did d same thing too.

The thing is, I could predict d outcomes. Nanti katanya tak nak berkerjasama,  no teamwork,  hasad dengki yadayada...
Lepas tu ada pula nasi tambah, Just like TheOtherFriend n his gang did to me before.
Ooohhhhh mokcik tak sanggup dah....

"This is not right", saya cakap dengan orang sebelah. Orang sebelah cakap dengan orang sebelah lagi. Kami tersenyum sumbing.

So we voiced out our disagreement. In public, so that our names tak dipetik dikemudian hari

The person-in-charge bagi jawapan.  No substance I must say. But still. I respect his loyalty. To be frank,  I have utmost respect to him.
Someone make fun of us.
TheOtherFriend gang. As usual.

It created quite a stir, tetiba hal yang tak pernah dipetik pun,  diheret sekali. But it did not concern us, jadi saya dan orang sebelah exchanged glance sajalah...

Cerita habis di situ.  Saya dan orang sebelah tak sudi pun bergosip outside d meeting room.

The next day, I approached d boss n asked if we could talk. He okayed.
I took out d evidences n all. He agreed.
Of course I told him about other project.
Benda dah diskas dalam miting, tak sudi saya nak sebut lagi kot...

I waited for d ammendment. Takder.
Jadi saya abaikan.
I could feel d tense among few people.
Old lame tricks okeh..

Honestly I have no problem with d person-in-charge.  Once,  few years back I attended a meeting. Account x tally, calling letter lambat ntah banyak lagi yang saya pointed out.
Dat was d last time I was invited. Anyway they appointed a New treasurer. Hahhaha..

One day I was with d boss when d person-in-charge came n tabled his ideas. Once The boss was a bit awkward, sebab pompuan) me)yang komplen macam2 tu ada.. Dia bagi signal suruh the person-in-charge stop talking.

The person-in-charge said something which I will never forget to d boss abt me. Lepas tu dia terus juga bentangkan idea dia. Saya duduk di situ n tengok. I never said a word.
Benda betul Xder pekdah saya nak menyibuk.

I think after years,  he knows me quite well. Last year, when everyone gave me a hard time he was d ones who showed support. Secretly,  of course.

So, this time around I perfectly-sure he knows there is nothing personal in my disagreement.  Saya fikir dia akan terima dan kalau dia tak puas hati dia akan sekolahkan depan2. Hahhahaha..

Kawan sepatutnya begitulah...
I juz dont get it why people need to take everything personally.  Kerja je kot...

I juz dont understand lepas tau orang mengumpat, mengadu domba masuk neraka, jalan yang itu juga dipilih...
Kata mengata, sindir-menyindir, buat study group bercerita di belakang is so yesterday.
Yang selama ini berkawan baik pun, terus menjauhkan diri ( I m referring to TheOtherFriend okeh)
Sampai ke hujung hayat saya tak faham.q

Besides, saya tak boleh nak hadam when our disagreement is seen as jealousy.
Sangat Slot Akasiacerekarama memasing punya perangai...

ThIs is referring to my rejection to the person-in-charge request to Puť d Kids achievements in d magazines.

My reason is d award is too big to carry, Unfortunately d Kids did not up to standard. One of d component is incomplete, so saya hold d awards until they can fulfill d requirements.
"What about d other team?" He asked.
" The last I checked none of them completed" saya jawab ikut fakta.

Then... drama bermula.
Mereka fikir saya tak perasankah?
Mereka fikir saya akan melayankah dan berbalas statement?

Gila hapa.
For years, saya cuma cakap ikut fakta. Prove me wrong,  I will b happy to comply

Or else...
Let juz say, saya betul2 fed-up.

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