Monday, October 24, 2016


"Yang ni x haram punya", saya beritahu Jiha n Jah.

We will go by bus. After konsert there will b refreshment, so by right d Kids r not allowed to travel at night.

Acomodation is needed.
On Saturday, when d issue arise, Stanee found d number for us to contact. I called, but d receptionist asked to book during office hours.

Lepas jumpa Jah n Jiha, saya terus called.
Turned out other troop pun ada yg dah booked.

Jadi we discussed n Stanee asked me to book.
I did. Tapi orang tu minta fakskan surat dengan letterhead pulak..

I prepared d letter n sent to my Ketua, so dat dia ble copy saja.
Turned out, someone sent me d letterhead instead n asked me to proceed.
It was already 5P.m

My head is spinning.
Tapi I m sure my gang will help me out, n d concert will b memorable:)

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