Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Our little secrets

At night I got messages.  In fact  ThIs particular person had send plenty of messages kata nak datang.
I did not reply. Dia x datang.
After a week I told her I was extremely busy with what-nots. Told her I really want her to come. Very hopeful.

"Tomorrow",  katanya.
Tapi tomorrow I hv no slot with d Kids, saya beritahu. Ok lor,  I want to see others, she said.

Maybe one day I will ask, tapi buat masa ni,  otak saya tepu nak memikir hal yang trivial. RAM mokcik exhaustive chuolss.

Dealing with people, I trust my instinct more than anything. Something juz dont add up. If u want to see others, y do u contact me?

I still remember,  a close friend of mine comments. Bunyinya macam dia concerns on me. Tapi I shrugged off. I have no issue with her visit at all.
I can speak up for myself.  I definitely dont need anyone yang membela saya untuk hal2 yang tak wujud. Siapa yang wayangggg lebih ni?

I know her task is not easy either.  2 years ago, she was greeted with long face, which lead to something awful. Haruslah dia berhati2...

On my part I really need her expertise.  Period. It juz dat I have to arrange for class switching

Sometimes, life plot ada unsur2 wayang jugak.
I was greeted with a New timetable today.

There.. D slot. Yippee ', saya kata

Yippee, dia balas.

She worked harder than me.
"can we go to eat, kita lapar"saya cakap.
"I dah makan, tapi sure why not", dia jawab...

Then we talked.
Off-record thingy.
As usual d mutual respect was there. I hope I will not cross d borderline.


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