Sunday, October 09, 2016

Practice makes perfect

Not too long ago,  asal buat apa je,  mesti saya balik umah n nangis sampai tertidur.
Being Ketua Darjah really takes toll.

Surprisingly, dat was not d case with d recent event. Mokcik relaks je.

Arahan to stanby 50 people in 3 diff locations.  I did.
Ada yang tanya soklan yang Errr... Emotionally challenging, tapi from experience I juz knew how to handle difficult people easily. While maintaining my candy-coated smile of course!

Then another request, which I dont think I can fulfill. Ini pun ok.

The hardest task is dealing with District n State people. Fortunately, Mr Shahrul is ever willing to help out. Sujud syukur mokcik dapat bekerja dengan officer like him. Kalau mokcik kaya esok mokcik kasi dia kereta Hummer sebijik dua.

Mr Shahrul forward d letter to State. D State people contacted me until late at night to confirm things. Despite he was given only a day time to process everything, d approval came early on Friday morning. I couldnt thank Mr Mizan enough.
Remind me to sent a thank you card, next time I dropped by to d State.

Close at home, it is Mr Shahril who was my saviour. He gave my request his utmost priority. So.d approval was sent out to troops, second after I got it.
I know,  mati hidup semula pun saya takkan dapat balas budi baik Shahril.

One troop said mereka Xder uniform.
"juz gimme some time to think",  saya kirim pesanan ringkas. I contacted a sister n she is Willing to supply.
" Nanti kita minta parents bayar", d troop leader said.
"Dont.  At this point of time, nanti parents marah", saya jawab. The least I need is parents' wrath.
Again,  I am a step wiser dealing with emergencies chuolss..
Ye, I m blowing my own trumpet hahhahah

I contacted someone, asked for some allocation. Turned down. Okkk muka mokcik tebal.
Rejection never deter me from d goal lately. Persetankan...

" Please ask Mr X if he could give us some donation," mokcik minta seseorang sampaikan.
Mr X said yes. Mokcik senyum sampai telinga.

While " sedekahlah..." is NGO's famous mantra to their volunteers, I beg to differ. I know dah banyak yang mereka korbankan.

I went to see them b handed some money for fuel. Do u know, RM40 is such a big amounts for these volunteers because all these while they did for free.
I want them to b happy n appreciated.

Ok.. Less than 24 hours before d event, one troop lamented they do not have uniform too.
I can choose to go berserk or solve d matter calmly.
Glad I chose no 2.

I did not cry.
Mokcik cuma termenung dan berlagak cool.
Tapi still, mokcik paid a visit ke klinik jugak.

D problem solved.
Pada hari kejadian. Everyone came happily.

While everyone enjoyed the lavished lunch, I went to d Emergency Unit and asked for a jab. I was that ill.
But then, as Ketua Darjah, walau jatuh tergolek pun ko kena bangun dan maintained your candy-coated smile all the time. Not easy, but I guess inilah pengorbanan katanya.. Hhahahaha

Despite, not in job spec, I talked to all d helpers n ensure they hv d meal.
Orang Asia hatinya di perut ye...

Guests nanti terus balik. Kalau umur panjang,  mokcik dan helpers akan terus berurusan pada masa depan. Harus makcik tak bakar proverbial jambatan okehhh..

Then, d scheduled changed. Mokcik okeh...
Tapi 3 reporters tertinggal train.
I can choose to ignore them n terus balik rumah. Sapa suruh derang lambat kan...
Tapi d fault is in d schedule switch.
The last thing I want to hear is d bad name to our organisation.

"Kitaorang tak dapat makan pun.  Our table was not served!", mereka komplen. Boleh je saya cakap, mmg allocation for 2 tables sahaja tapi I was there. I witnessed everything,  I heard the people, harus saya kunci mulut dan capai kunci kereta dan bercakap dengan hati yang lapang,
"Come n let me take u for lunch!"

The Four of us had lunch together. I didn't tell her saya pun x dapat makan juga sebab x cukup allocation.  To be honest. I dont mind. Mokcik on diet hahhahahha..

Later, I sent d 3 of them to d station.
Train pun nak sampai.  When I texted one of them an hour later, they were on.the way safely.

Jadi mokcik capai bantal n fell into deep slumber.

Ooooo... Mokcik cepat2 hantar report kepada District n State.  Thanked them for their time n effort. Both balas cepat, n thanked me for errr... For what?

Then, another text messages to d 50 people. Thanked them for co-operation. I could do nothing without em'.

Another thank you text message to d guests.

Lastly a long winded message to my Chief. A recount of not so unfortunate incidents. It was private n confidential. Harmless incident because in d end, all d problems were solved amicably.

Bab2 cenggini, mokcik tak suka nak sorok2. Sooner or later akan disebut juga. Baiklah kita strike d iron while its Hot katanya kan..

So, after all finished,  d next day I spent all my day on bed. I was really ill.
But then,  hati saya sangat lapang. Tak sempat nak nangis pun..

Maybe it is d practice of being Ketua Darjah.
But then, it is d people I met throughout my Journey who makes me who I am today.

Some people comes as blessing.
Some people comes as a lesson



myra_sofea said...

congrats dear....

Kengkawan said...

Thnx for ur continuous support fwen.
I couldnt thank u enuff