Monday, October 17, 2016


Ok... Enuff on d fed up thingy...
Since last week, (when d silly drama surfaced) I found solace in these series.

First I read Slightly Married. The story of Aidan n Eve. Of course,  too good to be true, but Thats what I need at d moment 😂💖

Then I immersed in Rannulf n Judith story. Slightly Wicked kot... Entertaining!

Currently I am reading d story on Wulfric n Christine.  Slightly apantah... It juz dat, d book might slip from bed.

Yes, I have all d series, thanks to Et. Those are hers. n she took my Shopaholics series.
Kawan baik memang saling melupakan.  I dont think she remember about these either.

On something unrelated, today a friend called. She had threatened miscarriage.
Ok... She had to travel though, dia kata. Mokcik dah kerut kening dah...
Kindly inform d organiser, mokcik ingatkan supaya ceritanya tak di bawa sampai ke angkasa.

"Don't go. U r not fit n d place is, well... Spooky", saya cakap nada mokcik2. Few hours later, after I had consider all d options myself.
Tak kuasa mokcik nak diskas tapi sudahnya Xder  pun

"Yes, but..."  dia jawab.

Basically, d replacement had been notified. Kaki Kencing itu lah.
nya bab cenggini memang kurang baik.
I think it is too early to express my qualm. Who knows Kaki Kencing itu sudah turn a New leaf after his holy Journey, ke cemana kekdahnya.

Meanwhile, I prefer to enjoy d enchanting stories.
It has happy ending you know😁

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