Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What is there to stress?

Cerita mula,
Saya minta seseorang ejaskan saya berpindah ke sekolah omputeh.
"pull some string la", saya mengarahkan dia 😂😂

Mokcik pushy.
I guessed it came as shocking Since d question never raised before.
" haiyooo, if 10 people asked, how many string to pull then?" dia tanya balik.

"What is there to stress about?", dia tanya, sewaktu kunjungan kedua.
"Nothing", saya cakap sambil ketawa.
"I just want to go to English school", mokcik tambah dengan jujur.

Beliau cuba mengorek.
Unfortunately,  I have nothing to hide.

I never have problems with anyone. Experience taught me to deal with people well. Asalkan saya tak aniaya orang, saya fikir even with d most difficult people pun saya chillex saja.

Izit d Kids?
Dia tanya.
No wayyy. No one I cant handle. Mokcik penuh kasih sayang kekdahnya.
  Budak buas pun mokcik sekehkan dengan penuh kasih sayang.

Izit colleagues?
Came another question.
Dah nama pun colleagues,  I always maintained my profesional relationships with all.
There r a few whom I am so close n swap stories n such. D rest mokcik chillex saja.

I always keep my circle small, so to speak.
I dont hold grudge with anyone. If I disagree with anything I will point out in d meeting,  senang ada minit kot... Outside d meeting room, mokcik x sudi nak berdiskusi lagi, time for action katanya..
So,  apa yang nak stress lagi?

Izit d admin?
Soklan lagi.
Kalau KC pun I can survive, others r a mere kitten sajala for me.
While butter up people is never my forte, so I maintained on giving my best.
There r people like Lindungan Kaabah who did give me some headache. Anyway, Allah had some mysterious way to send his blessing in d form of people who ease my way. For that, I am so thankful.

I told u, I juz want to go to English school.
Saya cakap. Ketawa lagi.
Afterall, d size shrinked. Next, year few classes will be closed. Few babysitters will be transferred. Since someone is retiring this Thursday,  haruslah saya merebut tempat beliau.

"The stress is so high there", dia kata dan ulas panjang. Mokcik sengih saja.
Nanti kalau cakap besar Allah uji pulak,  takut juga. Diam itu lebih baik.

At least for me, it is.
"So what izit actually?", dia tanya.
" Nothing ", jawapan saya tak berubah.

Next week akan ada kunjungan kali ke-3. Padahal hari tu dia dah kata itu kunjungan beliau yang terakhir..

😭 😭

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