Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Anything that didnt kill me..

Will make stronger.

The first meeting was today. In my humble opinion it went well.
I made sure everything was according to schedule.

Tapi yang betulnya my Mother is my pillar of strength.
Dia yang temankan saya picked up d bundles. She was d ones who reminded me no to forget things.
She was very supportive.
Yesterday,  dia juga yang bising suruh cepat order food from my neighbour.
Ya,  I m d luckiest person on earth.

When I reached d meeting place dis morning, Goshhh... D room was not open yet. Berlari la mokcik ke opis, err to say hi to d boss.  Beliau Xder.
D Lindungan Kaabah was there... But he was in d canteen.
I did have time to wait for anyone as it was already 7.56a.m.

I thanked d Lady in blue,  then noticed,  wayyy dulu kita kawan kot...
Then, another Lady came n cakap, weeyyyy Budak Keyjo kan?
Dulu kita satu asrama, gila saya x perasan kakak ni
Then on my way back, I talked to another someone.  Dia kata dulu saya selalu tolong dia. It wasnt true though, dia.yg banyak tolong saya.

Dlm emosi yg kelaut,  bila jumpa familiar faces,  terus rasa selamat...
As for Lindungan Kaabah, he could not bite me anymore, like he used to. Sigh...
I did not feel intimidated. Dulu tidak, sekarang pun tidak.

Semoga yang baik akan berterusan.

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