Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bertabahlah hati

Less than 36 hours I will execute d task. Goshhh..

Still I have promised to meet  Janji pukul 1.30p.m. Saya sampai pukul 1.38p.m n I was d only one there.. nana came next,  followed by Acik. Ziela n Awie came almost 3 P.m I guess. Hahhahahha
No one complained actually.. 

It is always fun seeing familiar faces. I love d laughters n funfilled-stories. It is always good swapping our updates.
Theres a pic remembrance though. 

What I hate most during d meet up is betapa gigihnya people to outdo other. 
A real turn off ok..
They were still humble, juz like d old days. Which was a relief. The truth is, saya tak kenapa orang nak show off..
Like telling her next holiday destination padahal baik Air Asia je kot...
Or telling about d lavish food they eat, padahal x sampai pun RM50 per pax.
or telling about their latest handbag, which Errr Coach je kot...
Or sharing about shopping a new gadget which will b a relic in 2 years time...
Or boasting about what a wonderful Kids they have... Hahhahahha..
Oh come on... 

Again, I m glad none of them did that.
Or else, saya tak mahu terlibat lagi hahhahaha..
But, I dont think I could afford d luxury of meet up in d near future.  

It was 4p.m when I left d restaurant. Thanks God, Nik n Abang Dos were willing to come over n take Anjang's New Baju Kurung. 

I had a chat with Nik for a while, sambil memunggah things. I could talk for days to my sisters tanpa jemu katanya. But then I had deadline to meet.

Headed home. Saya penat betul.
There r things which I had to do, but I dont.

Oh great😢

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