Thursday, November 03, 2016

I dont deserve those clowns

Might b it is d cramps I had.
Or d fact dat maybe there r so many things I could see with clear eyes lately.
Or d plain ones, I m sick of these first class acts.

First, there was a piece of news I do not want to know. I was happened to be there last week. D news was told matter-of-factly.
I don't think it is appropriate though, to spread d news.

"Have you?", I asked, after I spoke quite lenghty on dat how it was a slip of tongue of d news barrier yadayada... so I do care about him. He answered briefly, but I can sense hurt in it. 
Why should d news be in the open?

"Sabarlah... Things will get better", saya cakap bahasa Melayu la kott... but d gist is there.
I noticed he always alone these days. Gone are his usual bubbly self. Gone also d friends who used to flock him like moth.

Early this year I was looking for help. Only to be answered indifferently. I put my worries behind and fought defiantly.
I won trust from some quarters, gained confidence from d ones who matter.
I gathered haters but in d end,  they see dat I did it not for fame, so they r with me now.
It was not smooth sailing, but surely it speaks volume.

Then I was told he wanted to promote me. Like? Seriously?
In order to do that, someone will b sidelined.
Like? Waddehelliverry?
Didn't it occur to him, I will never want to work for him after how badly he treated me before? I did not hold grudge.  Anyway, I juz wonder, while he judged d current post holder, orang lain tak judged dia kah?
Maybe not me. I don't judge people. When anyone put me in deep shit, I can't easily forget his name though 😍

Then, there is another incident which got me puzzled. I was looking for someone, a he. He was discussing something with his friend, another HE, who later asked me rudely about d validity of d fact.
That was d manner of d discussion which troubled me. It was more on d gossips side, I guess. D fact that they quoted me is something I resented.
If you want to know d facts, u checked with d authority, instead of asking people. Afterall, why can't they go straight to d man himself,  like they used to in d past. All these years, that particular person had playing victim n these Men had rallied to him through n through.
Why shouldn't they do it for d rest of their life. Go on...
U might live forever...

There were times I really need his support.  There were times I believe he was really my staunch supporter.  These few months I was just so tired. That's it. The end.
Somehow I was waiting for him to say sorry about d missing names in list. He did not. Instead he was sulking n his friends were being rude too. Birds of d same feather!
It went on for quite sometimes.  I m juz so tired with his antics

After it all over, this morning he came to d door with boyish grin n pardon me for saying, a bit flirtatious. Reason being, he needed help. Or he thought I helped him, when in fact I did neither. Mokcik x sudi okehhh...

Oh Goshhh.. D proof dat he never listens. Once, last year, we argued about something. Out of nowhere he said, sometimes people we hate most, is d one who always pray for us.

"If u pray for me, thanks" came my reply.
"not me, its him, he always said u r kind n he dont understand why  xxyycc always bully you",  he added, "menangis tak bila tau?",.

I don't.
Maybe I cried a bit. Not because knowing I have secRet admirer, but to d fact he chose to tell me dat when our dispute has nothing to do with that man.. How dare him.
Off topic ok..

"Kalau kita mudah percaya cakap orang, dah lama kita berkahwin n beranak pinak kot", mokcik jawab. Off topic juga..

The idea is there.
There r Woman out there who will accept you juz d way you are. U can dupe them, humiliate them, treat them horribly but when d need arise be sweet to them, Puť on flirtatious mode n wallah!
You wish is my command katanya...

I can be that Woman too, if your name is Abe Jojo.
Other than him, mohon good-for-nothing Men around me,  lupakan..

Because in life, Xder apa pun yang saya kejar...

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