Monday, December 05, 2016

Dilema Lelaki Itu part 2

Years ago, seseorang sebut tentang abang kawannya yang softie.
Saya kenal kawan abangnya but HE IS DEFINITELY NOT SOFTIE!

He is happily married n blessed with few school-going Kids.

Me: u might b wrong.  Abang yg lain kot.
So: My friend only have one Brother!!

Saya kenal baik abang tu. Tak mungkin.
Years after our conversation, then satu hari saya xder kerjaya.

I took something to him n minta dia selesaikan sebab saya buat huduh sangat.
"Ok la tu", abang tu cakap,  no trace of softie whatsoever.

"Tapi...", mokcik terus buat skrip Damsel in Distress. He laughed n helped me out...
Make short,  dat was d only time, I could see him without his mask.

He always have my respect.  I never told anyone about his past, because I know, if only he knows my darkest secRet ( well, so far Xder pun) I m sure he will keep it to his grave, jadi sewajarnya saya pun simpan rahsia dia juga.

Besides,  he tried all his might to choose d right path, kita sokong sajalah...
I m not perfect either.

N so do u,  peeps

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