Saturday, December 31, 2016

First Meeting: misi sebilik:)

First time kot saya tak peduli what post I will hv next year. After finished d Ketua Derjah post recently,  throw anything, I m in!!!

My confidence level raised up after being national bench-marking katanya hahahhahaha
Ok...Serious hambar..

By d way, I still get d post which comes with d parking lot priviledge. Nothing else matter hahhaha.

Sitting next to Yong, we were discussing about trips. She was scheduled for an opt, n she really not up to it so needs distraction. We searched high n low because she wanted somewhere near n cozy. Abroad.

We chose few dates. Both of us had commitments. Yeah rite..

She is good in drawing.

Zeda snapped with our knickknacks thrown in.

Can you read d waiting?
roommates are forever.

Misi tahun ni ialah nak ada meja sendiri dalam bilik boss...

Whatttttt??? Imp0ssible??

People says, miracle does happen

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