Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Hari ini ada guest

Part of d parcel of being Ketua Derjah.
I asked her to come over because there is a teeny-weeny glitch.

She came dengan hati yang seteresss...  I've been in her shoes before, so I tried to make her as comfortable as I could.
She said she can't focus on anything else sebab dia begitu tertekan.

The good thing,  she accepts d comments with an open-heart and willing to make adjustment.  Tabah!

By 12 noon we went out for lunch. Beras kat umah makcik dah habis. Besides, I had severe stomach-ache today. Tapi given d circumstances, kau sakit tergolek pun, kerja kena siap on time katanya...

I had Spicy tempe and steamed kembung (mackerel). She had curry chicken n some vege. I chose Apple Juice n she opted for warm barley. We ate quickly n balik to #12A sambung kerja.
No time for coffee shop.

I took a nap but she continued her task n woke me up when she finished.
We bid good bye n I continued my sleep.

Then I checked her final task which she left in a brown envelope.
It is brilliant. On d right track. Yippeeeeee..

Jadi malam ni mokcik boleh tidur dgn senang hati :)

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