Friday, December 09, 2016

I wish I m not working 24/7

Plan asal we will sleep over in KL.
Its always fun going out together. I was in-charge of booking d hotel. I like.
What I hate most is, I could not join them..

Such a pity.
I drove from Slim RiVer at 6 a.m and reached Jalan Duta an hour later. It was raining.
Duh. trafic was slow.

Able to park at d record time, 8.15 in d morning.
It was quite early. d KLlite were d only contingent there..

What a time wasted.
I found and empty room and started doing my task.

I know.
Very not fun.

But what to do?

When d Tuanku came in, there.. a phone call telling me, 
D three parcels arrived, please pick it up pronto..

I have 2 choice.
Ignore or Run.

I choose neither.
Glad I did.

Really had splendid time though.

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