Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sisters r forever

Initially I planned to go to Big Bad Wolf sale after PWTC event. Tapi duit saya dah habis sebab servis kereta which amounted to Rm9++. Gila betul.

"Bagus. Jimat sikit", said Baby when I told her I could not go.
"Yeah. Gr8!!", saya balas dan terus tidur.

The next day she asked if I could come over, kalaupun x shopping,  katanya.

90% hati saya memang nak balik cepat sebab byk sangat kerja tak siap.
10% gagah juga pergi sebab tak sampai hati.

When I arrived,  she was not at home. So I waited for 3 hours at McD.  Doodling, Thats it.

She had night class.

Once she came back, we had a talk until 1 a.m. So much thing to catch up. She fell asleep,  but I stayed up until 3 a.m.
Yes. Mokcik kerja macam hanjjjj chuolss.

She woke me up at 7 a.m and an hour later baru lah saya betul2 fit to leave the pillow.
Welcome to my life peeps:)

The problem is, I did not bring extra baju. I borrowed hers though. The brown Esprit pants fit me well. Syukurlah beliau pernah gemuk, jadi adalah saiz yang nak dipinjam.
We went to the BBW.. Yippee!

She loaned me some money, Double Yippee.
She treated me for breakfast - nasi lemak n curry puff, mineral water n Hot Coffee -RM15++.
Nak jmat, kitaorang kongsi je makan.
Mahal kot...

Then we spent a considerable time perusing d books.
In d end our Bill was RM4++.
Duh. Well spent ok.

On d way home, we stopped at  KLIUC for Nasi Arab. Well.. looked like d shop closed though.  Chose a stall, Malaysia kot, food are everywhere
I had lady fingers, plain rice. She had vege and we shared kembung grilled n both had lime juice. Baru RM16 je.. Jimat.

We went home n err... Watched tele n read books n talk. We could talk for days, u know.

She made tom yum n Hot Coffee for dinner. Yummy, then we talked summore before dozed off.

I woke up early. 5 a.m to be exact.
In between doing my task,  I googled for warehouse. Was thinking of going to Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale but Baby said, not worth it.

" Wa ada banyak kasut tak pakai lagi kot", she said.
Great!. Akhirnya saya dapat sepasang pink running shoes n green Nike trail shoes.

Sebab mood shopping masih membara, we went to Mitsui Outlet. It reminds me of d shopping complex near d Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. So near the airport and so remote. 

We ended up buying mint green SKORT and tracksuit at Cotton On. There is d Muslimah store which sells beautiful blouses, pants n skirt.
We bought 5 pieces, very affordable.
Actually buy 4 free 1,  tu yang gigih beli beria tu

Baby treated Iced Mocha n Tuxedo cake at Starbucks.  
D cake not as fresh as d ones in Slim River . Too bad, but d mocha is superb, as usual.
It was raining when we left d Outlet.

Then, I got a message, asking for a certain analyses.
Yeah right...
I don't even arrange d said task neatly.

"Nak baliklah", I told Baby.
"Weii.. Esok cuti kot", she said...

Yeah I know...
How I wished I could spend my year-end holiday the way I like to..

Berguling depan tv with my sisters.
I wished...

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