Thursday, December 28, 2017

First Meeting. 2nd Day

I was d first one arrived at d meeting room.

Followed by Tie.
Tapi ri ni kot lambat xder org kasi ceramah pun.. iskkkk...

"Do u mind to continue being a Secretary?" Bro asked.  Glad though.
Saya fikir selagi Bro yang lead, I will do my best to help. Kot orang lain, tidaklah saya mahu membuang masa, kekdahnya...

Besides, m glad because not much cadangan merepek from Kaki Kencing either. Trust me I m so sick of it.

Speaking of KK, hahaha I came to a point I pitied him for bragging too much.

Someone asked, "Do you mark? (the SPM paper)", obviously to brag about his/her minted achievement in marking too. Haha..

KK answered in a bragging manner, " yes of course".
Ok... didnt he know marking community is a close-knit family? Haha.. jangan nak wayang sangatla..
"Helping a friend. Not much, he gave me 70, 80 scripts sort of", dia cakap, humble-brag.

Saya pura2 tak dengar n busied myself with what-nots.
I did not see why should I waste my time listening to fake people who at 40++ masih gigih menipu untuk nampak hebat.

To be honest, if u listen hard enough, u urself wont believe what u say. People kept quiet not because they believe you, they pitied u more of... lying wont make u exceptionally superior. Ko nampak lagi silly dumb dumb ok...

Semoga Allah jangan terbalikkan hati say
a pula.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Another First Meeting

Alarm rang at 5.30a.m. I left home at 7.45a.m.
I loathed going to d first meeting knowing Yong is not there anymore, seeing d lindungan kaabah lot duh!.

I m tired. Sick of it.
25 mins later, I arrived.
I was torn whether to park at my usual space or out. D parking space comes with the post, so yeahh..
I parked out. A phone call from Uda made me jump off my skin.

"Ko kat ner? Cepatt miting nak mula dah"

Ok.. gigih mokcik berlari naik tangga n guessed what, d cheers when I entered d room was really embarassing. Followed by seploh minit ceramah by boss perlunya datang awal. Dalam miting ok...

Dah tua2 kena tegur, rasa nak tempeleng diri sendiri je. Terus hilang rasa sedih pilu hahaha..

"Dahla datang lambat, makan masa miting pulak tu", Tie cakap sambil hulur kuih pau yang gebu gebas. Hahaha...
Lepas tu dia hulur kopok lekor n cekodok pulak... Iols was starving, dah bagus sangat la tu..

Orang yang datang lambat kena duduk belakang. A bliss🤣🤣

The meeting went well. D posts I got pun ok sahaja. To be honest, saya sudah tiada perasaan especially seeing d Lindungan Kaabah lot. Seperti yang selalu saya tulis, kesabaran yang saya wayangkan memang langsung tidak bersisa.

After d ceramah hehe, d boss showed a slide which captured my heart.
Jaga hati katanya.
It made me deep in thinking. How true.

On something unrelated, he mentioned about 4 types of workers.
Cemerlang, tahu dan mahu buat n he quoted me... Wowww!
Another 3 were berat tulang, those yg tak tau tapi mahu berkerja n d last was tak tahu n tak mahu berkerja. For each, dia petik satu nama.

It made me so scared though. Ok fine, deep down I appreciate d compliment.
But then, from experience, it won't be long before d Lindungan Kaabah  go to him n reported all d nasty things which they weaved beautifully. It happened before. In my humble opinion, they will never stop.

And yes.
I m tired.
All I want is to ... err...

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A day after Christmas

Plan went awry dats it. I wished I could go to Christmas party yesterday, but nayy... something coming up..
Men propose, God dispose kekdahnya...

Today I woke up at 8.40a.m. Gila takut bila tengok kat luar matahari dah tegak atas kepala. Camner nak start kerja when my biological clock is still fuzzy? Ngehhh..

Oh well, I had an appointment. To take my mom to Pusat Zakat so I dragged myself to leave d bed n drove back to #18.

Since 2 weeks ago mommy had told me she wanted to pay zakat. Kat redio dah banyak kali ingatkan, katanya. No prob.

When I arrived, mommy tengah kutip cili.. Dia nak masak lunch dulu ketam masak lemak..

Yang ni saya memang sasspek... setiap kali nak keluar, my mom will make sure her children wont starve.

We started our journey at 12.10 noon. Syukur sampai before lunch break. Senang sebenarnya nak bayar zakat.

Kira semua tunai di tangan dan serah je semua passbooks. Pegawai tu akan total up n kalikan dengan 2.50%. Lepas tu akad n dah boleh balik.

We stopped for lunch at TR Tom Yam. I took fried pomfret n mom.salty fish, brinjal n mixed vege. She had syrup n lemon lychee for me.
I could not finish my portion, tetiba hilang selera.
Great... harap2 boleh kurang seploh kilo.

Next, TF. Mom said fragrance rice is finished. Mahal kot RM59.90 for 10kg. She still took it though. Halfway, saya rasa semput n we dashed home. Takder stamina kottt

Dah seminggu saya duk rumah n x kena matahari. Tu kot tetiba sesak nafas. Panasssss..

I sent my mom home n terus drove to Proton Service Centre. Kepala saya spinning n mata saya bagai digam2...Arghhhh...

Oh... tapi harus juga kugagahi since dis is d last day of year end holiday.

Hidup ini memang kejam kan?

Monday, December 25, 2017

Posh Party.

Sengaja saya tulis lambat. So dat u wudnt hv a clue parti yang mana satu.

When we entered d dining hall, bersepah bodyguards. Phewww..  we were told not to share pictures publicly.

I did not say whose residence was it. But yes... lavish deco.

Let me start with d entrance. Few bodyguards but none asked for security check up. A bliss.

The dining hall is on d first floor. You can choose either to use sparkling marble staircase or elevator. I used both.

There were beautiful paintings adorned d wall. Few frames, pictures of d host with world leaders. There r two more small dining rooms beside d hall. I did not take pics though. Takut.

The bathroom was just err stunning. With expensive toiletries. Phewww...
Mind blowing.

I really admire d chandeliers though with orchids hanging there give d impressions we r in d garden full of bloom. Terteleng2 kepala mokcik mendongak.
Nope. I think it was so rude to snap pics when we were asked not to.

Biasa je kot. N d plates might b from d catering. Biasa2 je. Got soupie, cakes, kueh, fruits n i forgot. There was hot pancake n fried kuetiaw yang memang melampau sedapnya tu.. Scrumptious n classy considering it was held in d resident instead of hotel.


Semenjak dua menjak, I always judged d party with d flower they pick. 

Marhaen macam mokcik gigih letak leafy plant to cut cost. For table, a simple n cheap fresh flower arrangement will do. Most of d time artifial flowers la kan... gila kau, mahal kot fresh flowers..

But this party...

Makin exotic d colours, d bigger d size makin mahal la harganya...

Not too long time ago, saya akan kira senyap2 dalam kepala how much d host spend n mengutuk dalam hati. But now, not anymore. 

I appreciate d host hospitality n classy touch. There was a life band too. We had a great fun. Fantastic.

But then, I need to perform Asar prayer, so someone told me to go down. There is a spacious musalla downstairs. Apparently for d staffs. 

On my way out, the bodyguards teased me warmly. 

"Dah habis party?" they asked. 
"Belum. Tu dengar... tengah nyanyi lagi tu", I replied, giggled.
"Rugilah..." one of them teased.
"Kita ni nak balik jauh... esok nak kerja... diorang tu takperlah... kayo", I answered n they laughed good-naturedly.

I guessed itulah hakikat lifestyle orang have2. They worked hard n played hard. They give d best n wanted d best in return. 

The people like me n you, jangan mimpi la kot...

Sejujur manakah kata-kata?😉

Ini entry menyedapkan hati sendiri. Much to my dismay, whenever people see me, their first words were ; "eh berisi ye sekarang..".

Bagus ingatan derang. Ok...
Jujur pulak tu. Yep, I gained weight.

Tapi ada juga manusia yang berhati mulia di dunia ini hahahah..

Last month, Mak Yang took me to d masseurs. Tukang urut because I was not feeling well.

"Bukak baju", dia suruh. Takde yang 18sx pun. Mak Yang was there with me n mereka r good friends. It was my second time pergi berurut dengan makcik tu.

Once I was ready (please use ur imagination ) her first reaction was..
"Ya Allah... langsung tak ada lemak, bagusnya jaga badan".

Kembang kempis dada iols tau...

On Dec 13th, upon reaching d meeting hall after a 2.5hours drive I was really exhausted.

"Kita rasa tak ok kak", saya ngadu pada Kak Mizan. Padahal dia pun x ok juga hari tu. Ermmm
Shree kat sebelah pegang bahu saya dan nak tolong picit.

"Wuihhh... semua tulang saja ni..." Shree kata. In case korang masih pura-pura tak faham, in other words she was saying I m skinny n all bony. Haahhaha

Saya yakin mereka jujur. Hahahah

P.s gambar hiasan haha

Ipoh Business Trip

Bisnezz sgt..
It was on 13-15 of December. Prior to dat we had 2-days meeting which did not really smooth. My fault. To add salt to d injury I was scheduled for a reunion-camping which well... not very smooth either.

No elaboration on dat. But my fuse went short n I think I hate it even more when d people I snapped, apologized profusely.
I know... It made me feel extremely bad when he said he had done my 'task'.
Oh well... I hate charity.

So yes. Emotionally I was drained. Financially not ok too. D hotel I used to frequent had a price hike.

Besides, I hate to stay at d hotel alone when I m doing this task. D stress could be unbearable at times. Tak gamak saya balik hotel sensorang n menangis di bucu katil...

I asked Len if she could come.
At d eleventh hour. Mmg tidakla kan..

I called Zudin n Izlan.
They too were busy.

Stop kejap..

To b continued.

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Ever since my trip to Korea, I love using chopsticks when eating noodles more. Fefeling kpop sangat...

Korean disposable chopstick is a bit shorter than Malaysian. Tu, gigih saya amek gambo

Tonight I made Tom Yum Meatball.
Took me less than 20 mins to cook, sambil2 mengemas rumah yang sekangkang kera ini. But still. I like pizza hut tomyum pasta better..

Like chopsticks, life  comes in variety of packages. Ada panjang. Ada pendek. Macam umur kita.

Panjang ke pendek, itu urusan Allah. Asalkan dalam kita jangan aniaya orang. Say sorry instead of playing victims. Live life to d fullest!

Jom tom yum!

A new oven maybe🙄

Woke up n went straight to d kitchen. I must hurry before d pain became unbearable.

Bunyik macam nak masak untuk a batalion of army when in fact it was just fruitcake!

Once finished I made nasi goreng with Siamese green leaves. I like d taste better. Leafy vege tu tumbuh subur musim hujan ni. Aminnn..

Lepas tu, I took a painkiller. Easy!

For d whole day I stayed on bed. In between dozing on and off, I read d The Beach Cafe.

For lunch. I had a big slab of fruitcake.

 It did not turn out as spongy as I want to. I think it is d heater problem. I noticed it was faulty for some time.  Oh great....

For dinner, I was thinking of going back to #18. Havent talk to my mom for 2 days already. Unfortunately when I woke up, it was 6.32p.m.

I m not keen on travel at dusk after what had happened few years back. Jadi saya duduk mengadap jendela dan had another serving  of fruitcake.


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Do u like lamb?

Azah yg tanya. A week ago.
Mestilah ye.

Initially I planned to have dinner at d hotel, but she insisted to go somewhere special.

My task went well n I can go home early. Unfortunately it was bumper to bumper journey compared to 10 mins drive from meeting site to Impiana Hotel.

Good. Azah called before I could leave my car. Sped off to fetch her.

I dunno where d restaurant is, but it was not far from the hotel. Amidst a beautiful garden, too bad it was raining heavily once we settled in.

Superb ambience, wunnerful chefs n d lamb superbly tender n juicy.
We ate slowly, savouring every bite. Thats mine. Azah was more lavish. Phewww!!

The drinks.
First d waiter brought Asam Boi juice.
"Adik... janganlah macam ni kakak tinginnn nak rasa apple juice korang yang femesss tu", saya cakap separuh merayu.

Honestly we ordered Apple Juice, d waiter silap tulis kot. One thing I learnt, jangan sesekali sakitkan hati pekerja restoran. Hahaahah..

I must say d Apple Juice is d best I've ever had in my life. Worth dying for:)

I dunno wat Azah ordered. D serving is big .
The bill?. Hahaha. I never ask. Tengah hujan kot....

Orang have2 yang bayar. Setakat seratus dua apa ada hal pada beliyau hahahha

Bed confinement

Dalam banyak2 hari, hari ini pula saya betul2 terpeleot. Not dat I m complaining but you know...
Sale tengah kencang sekarang.

Yang sakit tu physically, but emotionally saya ok. Sangat ok...

Saya berangan-angan bila sihat nanti nak ke pantai. To enjoy d shingly beach. How fantastic!

Why is dat bila tak ok kita suka dreaming about beach?

Oh well..
I asked len to register for a run@d beach. She did. Yippee!!!

Kat mana?
D you know dat telling people where u r heading is like exposing yourself to a hunter.
You dunno wat they hunt, but u know, u r out of their league.

Stay safe online peep.
Be happy walaupun merengkok di atas katil.
Sakit itu menghapus dosa:)

Friday, December 22, 2017

Siang dan malam tiada bezanya

Post year-end-task blues
I had been raining daily since Monday afternoon. A bless...

So here is my routine.
Bangun pagi - lie in for hours - had tea -lie in summore - had tea- dozed off - lie in summore -had tea - lie in summore


Y tea?
Sebab dah sebulan saya minum nescafe bergelen2.
Y lie in?
Sebab dah sebulan saya duduk tegak buat kerja. Haha

But yes...
D task drained me dis time. Orang kata dengan pengalaman semuanya jadi mudah. Tu derang x jumpa lagi task yang saya hadap.

Waa .. so long? Asked my-cross-checked mate.
Saya angguk. Cakap banyak nanti mengumpat pula tapi senyap2 saya memaki dalam hati...

Kot ko x berbakat bercerita boleh tak jangan memanjangkan cerita. Ni dah 4 hari berlalu, mokcik masih trauma hahaha

Kalau saya tak tidur, lie in or drink tea I will read this.

I know.. it is Enid Blyton.
Saya memang rindu nak swimming, bergolek di tepi pantai ermmmm...
jadi kita baca buku saja dan berharap cerita itu masuk dalam mimpi.

Mimpi di siang hari:)

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Finally its over!!!!

Ok ni gambar last. On Monday.

Colourful characters. After 'given' a year off, dis year Jo is a wee bit diff. Dia lebih sabar, cool n relax. I think everyone does.

Setelah muncul sebagai benchmark kebangsaan, tentu saja saya lebih bersyukur dapat berkerja dengan aman di bawah Jo. Hahahhaha

My task was tough this year. There were times saya rasa nak campak semua benda dalam longkang. Until d very last minute, I was struggling to finish, but it never deter my spirit.

I learnt as long as I did my job well, nobody can question it later on. It passed d second phase remarkably well. For that I m so thankful.

The 3-days phase in Ipoh went well for me but not for Jo. History repeated. I m sure she had a sleepless night, like I did last year. A shoddy work was found.

Sometimes I dont get it. People know there will be 2nd phase, why do they take their task lightly. Say.. they pass d 2nd phase, there will b d 3rd phase in March.

Dont they know their blunder inflicted a great impact on others too?

I hope they learn. The hard way.

In her final speech, Jo said in her group everyone is in good term. We r friends. But that doesnt mean we could take each other for granted. Task must b finished on time, d quality should never b in question n punctuality is a must. Friend is friend but when we do service to d country, d professionalism should be uphold.

"I never hold grudges for anyone whatever happened let just take it as someone's life is saved!".

That is d mantra.
Someone's life is saved. 

Sewaktu nak campak semua benda dalam longkang, itulah juga yang bermain difikiran saya. Di hujung jari saya ada masa depan orang. Bukan seorang. Sangat ramai.

Tahun lepas, itu juga yang saya katakan kepada 10 orang anak buah saya, fikirkan masa depan orang. Kalau nak cari duit, di sini bukan tempatnya.

Sadly to say, d money I got sangat tidak berbaloi dengan masa dan stress yang perlu dihadapi. Bila muncul masalah, tentu saja emosi jadi tak stabil.

I kept coming because I know, kot kitaorang tak tolong Jo, siapa lagi yang akan tolong. Ramai yang tidak mahu kerana ingin bercuti. Itu pilihan mereka.

"Maybe if I stop become a team leader u can work with other team", Jo kata. .

Kami semua ketawa. Geleng kepala.

No way Jo.
We took.d challenge because of her. Kitaorang kesian...
Bila dah habis... tengokla muka masing2...

Kemain manissss macam sirap limau 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Untuk Zero

Been years.
Tak lupa.

Where r ya?

Tomyum pasta@pizzahut

Sebenarnya saya tak tau namanya apa.

My bros suka pizza. Atau yg betul kakak derang suka belikan derang pizza. Setiap kali lalu rnr Tapah i will stop at Pizza Hut.

Ordered. Gi solat dan pick up. Senang!

Satu hari nampak Ja'a, an ex-student. Dia berkeras nak belanja. That is not all.

Saya cuma order pizza je, tapi dia packed pasta juga. Ye... tersentuh hati ticer tau😢💞

The next time saya lalu situ, saya beli pasta tu. Tak sedap pun. Cess...

Semalam saya lalu di rnr tu lagi. Ingat nak order pizza saja, tapi bila nampak Ja'a, saya minta staff tu tanya apa ke nama pasta yang dia belanja hari tu. Nampakk...

Kali ni pun Ja'a nak belanja jugak. Tapi I oredi took d money n mintak d cashier punch d bill cepat2. He paid half. Aiseyyy...

Once I got d pasta🍝.. pheww..

Satu kotak 🍕saya kasi pada Shahril, sebab dia siapkan kerja saya. I told him itu anak murid yang belanja.

Satu kotak🍕 untuk my brothers. Cukupla tu...

The pasta?🍝
Heh... saya makan sensorang dengan penuh penghayatan😋

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Big Bad Wolf 2017 Steal

Pergi dgn Izlan n Zudin.
Budget derang RM50 hengget sorang. Budget Mak Andak bursttt!@

These r wat we bought

Ok line slowmosyen. Will upload later:)

Monday, December 11, 2017

How many?

Kak Mizan tanya when I reached, 20 mins late.

41. Saya jawab. U?
9..dia jawab.
I.sighed. sedehhhhhhssszaas

" not to worry. One got one and twenty" she replied in riddles. Kerja FBI cengginila, saya faham.

Sombre mood. But Valli lit it up with her capatti. Sedap giler.
Mereka kata.
Saya tak international bab makan. Saya makan nasi lemak je.

This is wat I like abt dis team. No innuendos, no.racism, no favouritism. Hahahhaha...

I went home for lunch break. But wait... I stopped for lunch. I had craving for grilled mackerel for days.

"Air?" d waiter asked.
"Air apa yang dapat paling cepat?" saya tanya.
"Sirap" dia jawab.
" ok.kasi. sirap" saya jawab.

Air sampai sekelip mata.
I finished my lunch, g solat n sambung kerja.
4.20 kemas n 4.30p.m balik dengan kak Ina.

We stopped at TR Tomyam. Lama tunggu, sudahnya saya cari waiter dan komplen.

"Ni la first time korang lambat ambik order"

Mereka ketawa. Kami pun. Mereka tengah prepared birthday party for d staff baby girl, sah2 la semua orang terjebak.

Iced mocha, pineaple juice n Sultan Fried Rice came not long after that. Ye Kak Ina n I kongsi je.

Macam2 yang kami sembangkan sambil berharap dapat makan besday kek. Gagal.

After tea (?) I took Kak Ina to d rest house. Sembang lagi.

Balik rumah saya sambung lagi kerja.
Esok lagi sehari.
How many will not be relevant anymore.

Jom tidur?
Ehhh korang ni...
Selagi tak selesai jangan berani nak tutup mata.

Nite peeps.
Bila janji. Tunaikan


L3ss than 24 hours and I still havent finish.
Yeah rite.

I wished I could speed up but my tired, fuzzy brain refused to work anymore.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Plot twist.

Ever since Kak Azlah introduced KRT Fanpage, I m hooked.
Yang tak menahan, bila saya komen my friends pun pressed d like button. Cetttt...

Untuk rekod, sejak azali saya selalu jadi kaunter aduan masalah rumah tangga. Diorang tak tau kot saya ni mulut tempayan.
Lelaki ke pompuan ke, kalau cerita saya dengar dengan tenang.
Kalau pompuan, saya nangis bersama, yang lelaki saya dengar tanpa perasaan. Helehhhhh...

There was a friend yang korang tak kenal had been telling me about his rocky marriage. Dengar boleh, percaya jangan, but then saya tak ada berkepentingan dalam isu ini pun.

After months of turbulence he told his wife he will move out. Ko ingat isteri dia kisah?
Saya dengar dengan teliti before concluded,

"She pretended like she didn't care. Tapi after this, you two will be stronger" saya beritahu, pengalaman menyekodeng KRT sejak bulan April.
Yang rahsia kekal rahsia la ye.

"Eh... janganlah samakan dengan filem tamil pulak. Tu lah banyak sangat tengok cerita Zul Arifin tu", dia jerkah.

 Pulak... ya masa tu tengah hot cerita Zul Repen pukul 7@tv3. Hensem betul Zul Repen eh... ok tu cerita lain.

Fast forward a month later they had a big fight. Kita tak payah campurla...
 big means big.
 Jangan ditanya. Buang karan.

After that he looked so troubled.

"Are you ok?" saya tanya.
"Ok. I m ok" dia jawab. Gloomy.
"Is the errr.... you know... ok?", tergagap mokcik bertanya. Takut kena baling kerusi.

"Ok... makin ok" dia jawab. Muka berkerut. I was reading his body language hahaha..
"Alhamdulillah. What a happy news!" I replied. Jujur. Agak jujur.

Lama krik krik krik (bbnu slang).

" tapi rimaslah... kejap2 je hantar air lah, i pergi mana kat rumah pun dia datang dekat. Takder privasi I rimas", dia cerita, bertapis.

I kept quiet.

"Dia kata she did it before I pergi jauh", dia sambung.

"Weh... itu macam nesihat dalam KRT", saya terjerit kasi tahu. Dia pandang senget2. I m sure KRT meanS orang yang jaga sentri malam2 tu for him.
 Dia tak tau zaman dah berubah.

Sebab dulu dah kena jerkah, saya tak sambung pasal tips dalam KRT tu. Kot ikut KRT after d wifey took d corrective measures or whatever u call it, d mantra, " I want to be close to you before I lose you" will make d husband stop thinking about leaving.
It works, kata confessor dalam KRT tu.

"She showed some effort. Kena appreciatela", saya kata. Akhirnya.

"Tapi I rimas. Tahu tak. Rimas", dia jawab.

Cerita masih dalam progress.
"I bet you two will become stronger than ever. Seploh hengget I m right", saya mula letak wang pertaruhan.

"Ingat ini filem tamil? After all d blames n abused I can simply forget?" dia jerkah.

"Ingat ai ni apa... Anak patung?" dia tanya lagi.

Tu ayat pompuan dekkk...

Ok..sebulan. Kalau plot twist, I don't mind to eat my humble pie, but then I positively think I will be RM10 richer.

On d second thought, may be I should increase our bet to... say.. 10k?

It is all about giving.

Pernah tak strangers give you something unexpectedly?
For me selalu. I was very thankful.

One day, not long time ago I  was in The Curve. I preferred to perform solat there as d musalla is spacious n d telekung is very clean.

Tu secara tak langsung nak kasi tau, despite saya acah2 urban, tapi yang wajib masih juga saya tunaikan. Please don't judge:)

I stopped at Lovisa to find a hair band. Padahal kat kedai 2 hengget pun ada, tapi kat Lovisa rasa upmarket sket.
I keep my hair long during the school holiday, thats why I need the hair band.

"Care to share?" a lady asked me. I nodded despite I was not sure what she meant.

She pointed to d tag, buy 5 for err.. I forgot. Earrings n rings.
Untuk rekod saya tak guna subang. I have 4 golden rings, dua hilang, 1 mak misplaced and satu lagi kejap jumpa kejap tak.
 Do u get my point?

She was so keen to buy a set for herself.

"Why not?, for Christmas rite", I replied and asked her to choose something Christmassy for my Christian friends.

She did n we talked about jewelleries for a while before taking our steal to d counter. She really had a taste. Judging from d paperbag she carried, she is really well-off too.

I paid n turned down her offer to pay for her sets.

"It is for Christmas  enjoice!", I said like I m d ones who is celebrating.

I left d store n I can still hear she told d counter girls that she did not know me n she was so surprised with my treat.

"Maybe today is your lucky day", I can hear d salesgirls teased her.

Luck has nothing to do with it.
When you are nice to people, people will reciprocate. That's it.

I believe Allah has a way of rewarding our good deeds. What is wrong to be nice to others, especially when they least expected?

Bring smiles everyone...
Mahal atau murah bukan pada harga.
Agama dan keturunan jangan dihirau.

Memberi kalau mampu.
Berkongsi jika sudi.

Mungkin tidak..

Different like day and night.

Less than 48 hours to go before the second meeting. Awful. I haven't finish the task.

Spent whole day doing the task today. Only stopped for solat n meal.

For brekkie I made fried rice. Porridge for lunch. By 6p.m. I just could not take it anymore.

I went to KFC n bought dinner plate, padahal sebenarnya saya nak makan sup. Yeah right...
Don't tell me to boycott the kfc because of Zionist regime support or whatnots.

At the moment, my ultimate goal is to complete my year-end task. I don't even give a da#n about Fattah n Fazura or Zaid and Jamal or even Izreen n Ude (who?).

Oh gosh... this is insane.

But still.
At 12 m.n I think I wanted to think about something that can put a smile to my face. I need it. Badly.

I went to d kitchen and kept the plates. Now Izlan n Zudin are no longer in 12A, d house seemed so empty n quiet. The extra plate makes me missed them even more.

A: Christmas plates huh?
B: Yup. Once a year. Only in December.

Someone was not really happy about my lifestyles. Despite I told him/her I have many plates for different ocassions. Padahal sudahnya makan nasi goreng juga.

My point is, our upbringing is different. That particular someone is more into Islamic way of life, but trust me, deep down he/she is no better than you guys.

We judged people all the time.
We read the news report, we judged Trump's decision on Jerusalem.
We watched Fatzura videos n we judged Naelofar for her inappropriate interview with d Tak Tun Tuang singer. Apa kena mengenanya pun... tread water.

We judged. We condemned. We hurled abuse.
At time we forget.
We r human too. We did mistake. We chose different ways of life, we opted for something unusual. We are judged.

Pinggan je kot.
Wat izit to do with akidah ?

Nite peeps.
Siapkan kerja baru tidur ye...

Saturday, December 09, 2017


1. Janji nak hantar zudin n izlan on friday. Gigih kita tunaikan. D next day mereka nak hantar nadia balik ke johor.

2. Janji nak ke Big Bad Wolf sale. Mesti jadi... subuh sepie kita sampai.

3. Janji nak meet up. Iskkk... "tapi yu janji", dia ungkit. Janji pukul 2 ptg, but I came st 4.30p.m. Better late than never kekdahnya😘

4. Janji nak siapkan year-end task. By now beratus yang tak siap. Goshhhh...


Thursday, December 07, 2017

Setinggi langit biru, tak tercapai tangan

Tak terjangkau fikiran.

That day d new officer paid a visit. On d same day one of d kids complained her name was not on d list, jadi dalam hujan saya ke pejabat mereka semula. Hujan je kot... lautan api tidaklah sanggup...

It was raining heavily. Nak berbasahan pun tak guna. So we had a chat. 

A: Kitaorang diskas tadi. Cikgu pindah mana2 pun next year kitaorang mesti follow, tak lepas punya. 
B: Eh... kita yang tak berani nak lepaskan. Kita yang banyak terhutang budi. 

Which is true. 
They thought I m ever willing to do good deeds to everyone, jangan mimpilah...
Kalau orang layan saya macam debu di hujung sepatu, panggilan telefon pun saya tak sudi nak pick up.

Her: Malasla nak pergi ke tempat KC tu...
Me: Heh? 
Her: Nanti dia mesti tanya kenapa tak ada ituini...
Me: Tolong kasi tau dia kak, kita qualified for ituini hahahhaha


There r people yang saya nak sebut pasal diri sendiri pun malas. What for?

Like, one day I was distributing d goodies for an upper echelon when someone teased, "bodek nak mintak tukar la tu" . I was like?@$#%%$^$&&*

"Jangan....saya yang bodek dia ni sebenarnya", came his reply. Kosser sangat... but I took it good-naturedly. 
To b honest I had passed d stage membodek to get a favour. Jujurnya, I had never start d butter up with anyone. Apple polishing is just not my cup of tea. Tak sudi. 

I do not accept puji-pujian pun. Tak perlu. I dont have to pretend acah-acah-tak-sudi with d anugerah given but kemain sailang sana-sini dan tagteam burukkan orang supaya nampak diri tu hebat. Alhamdullillah, semakin murah rezeki beliau. Hahahhaha

When I want something I told all n sundry n I work on it. Last year gagal, this year takde open contest, I hope next year hajat 'kami' akan tercapai. I want it so badly. 

It was all about mutual goal. 
Mutual glory.
Mutual respect.
Mutual satisfaction.

Along d way we met friends who pushed us beyond d limit. We thanked them, they appreciated us. Gitu kekdahnya. You dont burn d bridge. Never. 

Succeed is a journey.
Recognition, be it accolades or awards or any certificate of achievements is only a bonus. 

Tu baru intro. Hahhahaha...
KC is retired recently. Celebration was grand. Normal.

Yang tak normal was d list of achievements listed in d booklet. Why?
I read one by one and tried to digest. 

There is nothing wrong list down d achievements for resume or aprraisal purposes. Wajib. But for retirements? Seriously?.

One of it was given when she was no longer there n during d prize giving ceremony despite d distance was less than 6 km, she was not invited.
Tu pun hadap juga nak tulis as one of her achievements. 

Spesis apakah?

Saya fikir, inilah kesudahan untuk yang gigih bermegah. Walaupun di depan semua orang gigih nak tunjuk humble tapi di penghujung perjalanan, ur true colours revealed. Sadly, judging from d list, pencapaiannya agak sendu. 

Contohnya begini, Johan lanskap kebangsaan. 
Can u claim it is urs? 
Padahal project manager n PiC semua dah spesifik.


Semoga KC dianugerahkan kejayaan yang hebat selepas persaraan. Semoga impiannya nak dilihat hebat di mata manusia akan tercapai.
Semoga di dunia yang baru dia tak perlu lagi menganiaya orang supaya terlihat maksum dan bersinar. 

Dah.. jom tidur...

By izlanfahmi🤣


Kepada izlan izzuddin.mereka yang sangat comel lagi bijaksana telah menolong saya sepanjang minggu cuti persekolahan ini . Sudah lama saya menunggu mereka hadir ke rumah saya untuk marketing.😂😂.izlan yang comel lagi bijaksana dan pandai mahupun bijak,banyak menolong saya.

Living with boys

Mom n Uda r holidaying. As usual it is a bonding time for me n bros.
This year there is a twist, Zudin n Izlan stay with us.

They came last Friday. On Sunday I had an official meet up. Took them along. Massive traffic jammed on our way home was so awful.

Normally I would take-away pizza for my bros. Tapi...

Once home saya membebel about d traffic. Acho gave some money n asked them to buy burgers instead.

On Tuesday Zudin n Izlan went to Hotspring. I just dropped them n fetched them later. On our way home we stopped at pasar malam n bought kebab for dinner.

Obviously d boys were hungry so they fried nuggets n I cooked kuewtiaw. Once Arif came home, seeing d boys did nothing, he fried kuawtiaw for them too..

Izlan: An dah tak larat nak makan..
Me: Kenapa Pak Usu masak jugak..
Izlan: Pak Usu tanya, dah makan tak, An buat muka macam belum... jadi dia masakla..
Me: haha... makan juga... pak usu balik kerja penat2 pun masakkan untuk awak.

Yesterday, I had dateline to catch.
I made brekkie tapi by 12.30 ada guest. Acho came back for lunch, seeing her sister was so tight terus masak nasi ayam. Kakak yang bertuah itu turut makan pada pukul 2.30 petang.

When Pak.Usu came back at 6.30p.m seeing I still doing my task he made dinner.

Yes. This year-end task took most of my time. Saya tak larat sebenarnya...

This morning I woke up n did my task before stopped to prepare brekkie for Arif. He went out sebelum sempat masak pun. Ala...

An hour late he came back...
With lots of red plastic bags.

Rupanya today is his off-day. He went to d market. Yippee!!!

Ada orang dikurniakan harta dan rezeki yang melimpah ruah. Ada orang dikurniakan paras yang rupawan dan bakat tak terjangkau dek fikiran. Ada orang ada beg Birkin satu lemari

I have my brothers. For that I m so grateful.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Wedding Invite part 1

Jarang saya tak penuhi jemputan. Ada 3 kali sebenarnya.

1. saya fikir dia tak mahu saya hadir. Prior to d event dia tak pick up my calls. Point taken haha.

2. Saya lupa.

3. A neighbour who include me as d 'host' without my consent. Dah sah2 count me out kekdahnya.

The rest saya gigih hadir. Normally not on d wedding day.
"Takper, faham..." mereka kata sambil tersenyum maniss.. saya pun sujud syukur dapat jiran yang baik dan tak judgemental.

Today, for d first time in years, saya hadir kenduri dan merasa makan lauk yang sedap.

"Eh... nak makan dengan Izanla", best fren mak pengantin cakap. Izlan n Izudin dah jeling...
Dah makan sesama tu mestilah lama pulak...

She sat next to me n complained we had never met for ages.
Bila ada events barulah jumpa, unfortunately I dont hv d luxury of attending them all

"Kita ada pergi kenduri rumah xxx dulu kak", saya cakap.
Dia kerut kening. Rumah yang mana?
Jadi satu kerja saya mengingat nama jiran2 orang tu...

"Tahu tak jiran tu dah divorced?" dia tanya. To answer dat question, saya tak tahu.

Nobody tell me n I never ask. Bagus juga diberitahu sebab saya memang ada niat nak tanya uncle tu kurang sihat ke sebab dah lama saya tak nampak.

He is in his 60s I guess, kenapa dah tua2 terfikir nak berpisah, saya tidak bertanya dan kakak tu pun tak bercerita.

"Yang lagi sorang lagi tu ko tau?", dia tanya. Vague but meaning is conveyed kekdah.

"Tau... kak m kasi tau n she kind of angry" saya cakap. Vague juga.

Kakak tu pandang sambil kerut kening.

A:ye ke ni zan...
B: ye la kak... kak m kan besties dia..
A: lorrr selama ni kitaorg ingat dia redha..
B: kak... siapa je yg redha kot mcm tu?????

Sebab ada Izlan n Zudin sungguh berhemah kitaorang bercakap.

But then dalam hidup ini, bukan semua yang kita tunjukkan tu lahir dari hati.

Every weekday I passed dat uncle's house n waved to d makcik. She was all smiles. Tak pernah saya terfikir beratnya ujian yang dia tempuh.

I wrote about how sorry I was about d other lady's predicament. When her husband took d second wife, she was depressed n refused to mingle. For her, people looked down on her.  Little did I know she confided her feelings to her besties only. To others she is  d image of a strong woman.

It is very sad bila cinta beralih arah eh?
Semoga ada kesudahan yang baik untuk mereka dan kita semua.

Selamat Pengantin Baru. Thanks for d invite!

Saturday, November 25, 2017


On my birthday kawan saya kirim lagu.
In fact dia ni memang suka kirim lagu kot... Saya berterima kasih.

Tapi perlakuannya jauh menyimpang daripada lagu yang dikongsikan hahaha... konpius mokcik taw....

Jadi, untuk harijadinya yang jatuh pada minggu ini (I never forget) if I would dedicate a song, Luluh by Khai Bahar is d best.

Nah, kita paste lirik okeh...
Sudah puas aku menangis lagi
Kau hadirkan mendung awan yang kelam
Namun ku kan tetap bisa bertahan
Secebis kasih yang telah kau beri
Kan ku simpan dalam memori indah
Tapi semuanya telah berakhir
Aku tersungkur menunduk meraung
Dan tiada siapa bisa merasakan
Oh Sakitnya hati ini
Jika kau tak mampu memberiku senyum
Usah kau hadirkan dengan kedukaan
Oh Biarlah hidupku dengan caraku

Secebis kasih yang telah kau beri
Kan ku simpan dalam memori indah
Tapi semuanya telah berakhir
Aku tersungkur menunduk meraung
Dan tiada siapa bisa merasakan
Oh Sakitnya hati ini
Jika kau tak mampu memberiku senyum
Usah kau hadirkan dengan kedukaan
Oh biarlah hidupku dengan caraku
Sedia menghadapi yang akan tiba
Takkan berundur walau seketika
Aku terus berjalan mencari sinar baru
Ada kena-mengena?
Mana ada...

Happy birthday AP.
Semoga rezeki melimpah ruah dan berbahagia hidup di dunia. 


Let me put it very clear.
Saya benci bila orang janji tak tunaikan. Then, acah2 komplen macam2. Derang tak tau saya yang kena marah dalam meeting depan ramai orang.

After twice Yuni berjanji tak tunaikan I did not bother at all. My then boss once told me that Yuni said she was willing to help out for certain event, I simply said, "Sorry, I dont trust her".

One thing I learnt about being a leader, saya takder masa nak melayan orang main wayang. I was too busy to retaliate either, I put on ignore-mode. Jangan nak bebankan emosi kekdahnya.

 I did not know what d boss says to her, one thing for sure she awarded Yuni APC for that year.

Things got better after that.

To be honest, I had a hard time at work, managing things on my own. My teammates helped but I need more than help. So to speak.

This year Yuni was selected as d group leader n I m d assistant.

"Beritahulah nak buat apa", dia kata.

Tentu saja dengan senang hati saya beritahu.
She surprised me with her effort. Flowery hati mokcik tau.

At some point of time, people change.
Atau yang betulnya, dulu dia fikir saya sengaja being bossy.

"Esok pakai uniform boleh?" saya tanya dia pada hari Khamis.

"Boleh.", dia jawab tanpa bertanya.

Melampau sangat ni... Kot ye pun, tanyalah dulu sebabnya janganlah main ikut je ...

Tanpa ditanya, saya justified.
Hahaha...kami sama2 ketawa.

Norizan Adnan memang semulajadi ambitious bab-bab cenggini.

"Saya ikut je..." dia jawab. Semangat.

Tapi still hati saya berdebar. Betulke?
Seeing she donned d uniform on Friday, soothed me.

Frankly speaking, leaderships is about trust. If people trust u, ko suruh dia fly pun dia buat. It is about clear goals. Mutual goals. Kalau buat untuk personal fame, u will b all alone.

Having said that, I hope saya takkan menganiaya sesiapa dalam urusan mengejar impian kami. Kalau satu hari personal glory meant more to me than mutual goals, saya harap Yuni akan hempuk kepala saya dan ingatkan why we do what we did in  the first place.

That is the quality I look in a follower haahhaha

Ho ho holiday

Bunyi alarm mengejutkan saya dari mimpi pergi run dan beli bunga. Sejak dua menjak ni saya selalu mimpi berlari dan memilih bunga. Dua perkara yang saya tak buat di alam nyata sebulan dua ni. 🤤

Saya berbaring dan tunggu azan Subuh. Terlelap. Bila saya tersedar, saya tengok jam. Ohh baru pukul 5.30 pagi.

Lupa. Alarm tu saya set pukul 3.00 pagi, pada hari saya nak pergi run. Lama dulu. Dan saya tak pernah tukar. Bijak...

Selepas solat subuh yang terlajak lewat, saya menggagau menghabiskan kerja hujung tahun. Saya nak habiskan laju-laju tapi selepas 3 tasks, saya rasa otak saya tepu.

I went to d kitchen. Boiled water n heated d currypuff. While waiting for d food saya sambung kerja. Not much...

Then I had brekkie. Takder selera sangat. Great!. Harap2 boleh kurang seploh kilo.

Usai sarapan, saya sambung lagi. I got 3. Tu pun rasa separuh mati.

Sampai di situ, kena berhenti. Capai penyapu dan mula mengemas. Next, cuci kain.

I might go back to #18 but it depends on my speed. Kot by today I could not finish 40, maka mereputla saya di#12A.

Untungla jadi cikgu banyak cuti, orang kata la kan...
To b honest, kerja apa pun kot ko nak cuti, cuti aje lah... Ramai je cecekgu yang bercuti tapi saya memilih to do service for my country.

Selamat bercuti.
Cuti itu pilihan. Choose wisely:)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Next year uols nak apa?

Sponsor dah bisik sejak July. Saya banyak show. Bila free, boss tukar. Boss baru, bila cakap dia beri nesihat pula.

If I need advice, I trust google more than anyone. Period.

"Kalau tak buat depa petik nanti", saya cakap bahasa bbnu. Hahaha.. things sped up.

Bila kena postpone, saya ada show lain pula. Anyway, I thanked Bro for being adamant. Lap u!

I spent my free hours doing d tedious tasks as bro is out of town. Thanks God Nin n Iqah were willing to help.

On Sunday went to Ikea to find gifts for 30 helpers n d sponsors.
Ikea, sebab everyone loves Ikea.

Gaji lambat lagi, mokcik sengkek, tapi kalau tak ajar d kids hargai orang, nanti sampai tua dia fikir semua benda turun dari langit.
I asked singgit sorang from them. Harga gifts lebih mahal daripada itu but dats not d point. Duit boleh dicari.

I didnt ask others' help except when I was out for 3-days meeting. 80% was done.

"Who is going to attend?" saya tanya sambil beritahu d importance of sending d right people to d show our appreciation to d sponsor.
Tak tahu kat mana muka saya nak diletak.
Common sense la weiii!!

"Can we give token of appreciation?", saya tanya.
RM60 dia jawab.
Dalam wallet saya cuma ada rm60, fuel tank pun  dah blink2... hah..
Anyway duit diberi bila saya serahkan resit semalam.

What about d reps? Saya tanya
Belila. I will pay. Dia jawab.
Tapi sampai hari ini takde effort pun nak tanya berapa yang saya belanjakan.
Welcome to my life!

A day before d event I got a dire need call from d sponsor. Saya cuba buat muka selamba tapi lutut tetap menggigil.

Hiccups on d event day too. Menggigil lagi lutut mokcik. Adeiii...
Thanks God everyone was so calm.

"Pls come.." d sponsor texted.
I tried my best.

D first thing I did was asking mana duit singgit2 tu as I need to fill car tank. Depa cakap pada xxxy.
Dia takder effort pun nak kasi. Mentaliti semua benda turun dari langit sangat..
Yes... spesis begini memang wujud.

The next day, I waited until 12noon. Kot2 dia teringat. Afterall dia acah2 macam d event dia sorang je yang in-charge judging from her facebook status n d way she told me what d boss said.
Gigih saya mintak duit tu, baru dapat ...
Hope she knows, yang turun free dari langit cuma air hujan....

So yes. Nak kasi program jadi memang separuh mati n needs concerted effort.
By concerted I mean every single one of us. Kalau buat sorang2 haruslah menangis di bucu katil.

Yes. I can see dat someone is trying hard to outshine everyone. She did it before, many times. Gigih!

Unfortunately, saya tak fikir cara beliau akan berguna untuk masa depan sponsorships ni.
As I wrote up there, it is collective effort. Buat sensorang tak mungkin akan berjaya.
Tapi kalau dia fikir dia boleh, saya dengan senang hati akan cuci tangan. Kosser....

Back to d event, it was succeed. Tenang hati mokcik...
D kids were extremely happy.

D sponsors were happier too...
On my way home one of thrm came n asked..
 "Tahun depan uols nak apa?" 


Hard up? Huh???

One day I went home for a while. When I went back, I saw a man rummaging my cubicle.

"Cari apa ye?" saya tanya.
"Fail xxx" dia jawab, malu-malu.

I handed it to him sambil pelawa makan murukku. Gitewww...

Last Monday someone texted, asking for a softcopy of an xxxx form. I told him I m attending a meeting n there is no way I could entertain him at that point of time.

"Do ur main job first", dia balas.
Kebangangan apakah itu? soal saya di dalam hati.

Nope. Tak kuasa saya melayan. Kerja saya dah cukup stress jangan nak ditambah dengan hal yang merepek.

"Hand in tomorrow", arahnya..

This is too much.

Jadi saya kirimkan pesanan panjang.

Encik xx.

Regarding ur request. FYI, D hardcopy was sent on Saturday 11th November at 11.a.m. on the same day d announcement waz made (Pls refer to d minute). You have ample time to notify me to send via Telegram as it was not  mention in d meeting. 

 Kindly be prompt nxt time to avoid unnecessary stress for anyone. Unfortunately I could not entertain any last-minute order at this point of time. 

Sorry for d inconvenience caused.

Norizan Adnan

It was harsh. Might b circulated around for others to see. Oh great!!@

The next day I sent d copy of d form as requested to d group. For everyone's kind perusal kekdahnya.
With d message, next time please be prompt n precise to avoid a lit of headaches.

My point is clear.
Tak der satu pun yang saya nak kejar dalam hidup ni. If u think that I m deserve for something, prove it. Jangan suruh saya pulak yang sediakan macam2 so that you can nominate me for something yang saya tidak sudi pun nak berebut.

Having said that, Yuni and I memang dalam usaha nak merebut sesuatu, tahun depan.
At the same time, Orkid n I juga sedang dalam perancangan nak berebut anugerah, tahun depan.

Tahun ini Orkid n I pun ada juga plan berebut. 100% succeed. Plan dah dibuat sejak awal tahun. We worked hard all year round.

Kak Zimah n I pun nak berebut jugak. Kerja kuat sepanjang tahun n now 95% completed.

That's it.
As a leader bila nak sesuatu, kita usaha sepanjang tahun dan update continously. Yang tak ok, awal2 lagi cantas.

Ni hujung tahun kau baru bangun tidur, snap finger sana sini, bila orang tak comply kau gertak pula
"Do ur main job first".


The little things he did😢

20-22 November d year-end-task commenced.

Meeting was on top floor. Mengangkut heavy bundles, kitaorang ok lagi. The room has no window. All d 3 air-conditioners were faulty. Can u imagine?
Fans were given, but still... it was so stuffy. Ermm...

On d first day Jo n I went to d office to complain. Was told orang nombor satu is away for 3 days. Was asked to see orang nombor 2.

Yeah rite.
"I know him well. I give him E for effort", saya terus beritahu Jo.
"Then no pointla.." she said.

Yup. Lindungan Kaabah sangat... even after 3rd day, tidaklah beliau ada effort nak membantu.
Terserlah kekonsistenan di situ.

Our task is stressful. Ditambah pula dengan d surroundings. Dabel stress ok.

I went home one night, feeling dizzy n shaky.
Yep. It is dat bad.

Having dinner when Acho came n make nescafe.

"Bancuh lebih. Andak nak juga", saya cakap, he did not reply.

Acho buat nescafe tarik seteko. He took a mug and placed the rest on the table.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dik... ko basuh kaki sebelum masuk rumah!

Kalau umur saya 100 tahun pun I m still her little sister.
Selamba je dia marah2 saya... padahal tu rumah saya kot...

Saya langsung tak kecik hati.
Musim hujan kain tak kering. Selalu saya iron sebelum simpan dalam.lemari.
Tapi bulan ni banyak show. Saya tak sempat..

"Astafirullah dik!", kakak saya terjerit. Izzati (anak sulung dia) dan suaminya pergi bawa semua baju itu ke dobi.

"Mak Andak malu kot nak pergi dobi Long. Anak murid bersepah kat situ", saya beritahu. Jujur.

Sementara mereka ke dobi, kakak saya mengemas rumah dan mengemop lantai. Padahal baru 2,3 minggu lepas dia diisytiharkan betul2 fit.

Saya kerja balik lewat. Weekend saya outstation. Celah mana saya nak buat kerja rumah?

Hari ini selepas family day, saya tidak kemana-mana. Capai keri dan mula merumput di belakang rumah. Perghh... rumput sudah panjang.
Saya tak percaya sebarang orang datang potong rumput.

Sementara menunggu Meen atau my brothers free, saya potong sikit2.

Baru sekejap. Hujan pun turun.
Aiskkkkk . Potong....

At least kalau kakak saya balik, dia tau adiknya ini memsng ada effort.. hahahah
Cuma itulah....

NUTP Family Day

Registration dah tutup. I called n asked if I could come. I dont expect dilayan. Saya yang salah sebab lambat buka surat.

2 pax. No more. He said.
I asked Yati Saad but she was not free. So, I took Uda along.

Uda fetched me at 7.40a.m. 
We were early. We tried out d fitness station. Fun!

Brekkie was choc bun n milo. Followed by 30 mins zumba. Ngehhhh....Bapakla penat...

Then we were given Nasi Lemak. Both of us could not eat so I gave ours to pakciks cleaner. 

After that telematch. The games were tiring n we lost. Anyway I had so much fun though playing with familiar faces. It was lead by Cikgu Abang Mail n d helpers were sch reps.

Later we walked to TR TomYam for lunch. Rice, Kurma Chicken, Dalca, Jelatah, papadom n fruits.
Sambal takder, tekanan mokcik rasa. Yang lain ok..

Meanwhile, LUCKY DRAW!. All my tablemate won!
Saya tak bertuah. Redha.

At 12.15 d Minister came. D speeches commenced. Normally I like listening to the speeches tapi kali ni I was extremely fatigue n my eyelid just refused to co-operate. 

But then, there r two things that caught my interest. 
Muallim is declared as Youth City n Education City.
In order to build a Youth City, there will b housing n transit development. 
"Buat rumah pun tak der siapa nak beli kalau belia tiada pekerjaan", d Minister said. Saya celikkan mata dan pasang telinga.
Da#n. He must have talk about d plan before that, nyesal pulak saya terlelap...

As for Education City, there is a plan to build a plant of ... nayy... maybe I should google about it. Daya penaakulan saya sangat lemah bila penat.

We went home at 1.30p.m.
Normally sebelum balik I will thank everyone. Tapi kali ni memang serius terpeleot punya.

To be honest, d activities n d crowd were very entertaining. I really I had splendid time! Kudos to d team. 
Cuma itulah... mokcik sleepy😴

Uda took me home. She did not want to stop by as she put it, "nanti lama..."..

Yeah rite...
Jadi kitaorang bersembang dalam kereta for about 10 minutes. Hahahah

Once home, I took shower n fell asleep.

Did I tell you I woke up at 3.## last night?

Friday, November 17, 2017

I don't deserve these clown.


Registered bulan 6. Saya tanya boleh tumpang tak? Dia angguk. Saya offer registerkan anak buah dia. Dia bagi 7 nama. Ok 7+dia, dah penuh satu kereta. Saya nak duduk celah mana?
Point taken.

2 minggu sebelum event saya tanya lagi, budak2 nak pergi dan stay di mana. Dia tak jawab. Acah-acah bizi. 6 Hari sebelum hari kejadian saya tanya the kids, may I let go the confirmation slip in case they did not join in.

2 days before the event he sent a girl, "He ASKED YOU to take me and N". Saya geleng kepala.
Tinggi betul darjatnya sampai kena hantar wakil hahahhaha...

Agak-agaklah bang..
Event started at 6.50a.m. Mustahil nak bertolak dari rumah. Perjalanan 3 jam kot. Bawa d kids yang berlainan jantina, kena sewa 2 bilik. Celah mana duit nak dikorek?????
besides, this is such a big event.  Sangat mustahil to get a decent room at the eleventh hour. 
Main petik-petik. puihhh
Tinggi betul budi bahasa kau dekkk...

His reason was because he had a game on Saturday. 
Heheheh mokcik senyum sinis jah...
Macamlah games tu baru 2 hari orang rancang. Kenapa tak boleh dibawa berbincang?
Kalau tak ak berbincang, dah kenapa nak petik-petik nama orang pulak?

Sebab kau maksum? Buat apapun pahala melimpah ruah? Gitu?

 Sudah-sudahlah tu main wayang.
Mokcik tunggu juga kalau dia kata sorry ke hapa ke.
Harammmmm kata orang Perak.

Lupa... orang maksum tak perlu minta maaf.

Just finished my brekkie when someone told me about a recent awful incidents. Dejavu more of.
In 2014, the same person tampered mark. Kali ini pun sama.

It costs me years of humiliation because I was d Ketua Derjah, of course I reported the breach of conduct back then. It was very awful, and I was all alone. 
To be honest, I really do not mind, I had done my job well.  Yang lain I couldn't care less!

Early this year, the Kaki Kencing n that particular someone had a conflict of interest. Sesi ungkit mengungkit pun keluar.
"Bila you kena marah dalam meeting pasal Kaki Kencing tu saya rasa macam nak cakap sahaja. Bukan setakat itu, banyak lagi yang Kaki Kencing tampered" dia kata.
yeah rite? Where were you when I was attacked by the Lindungan Kaabah back then? saya bertanya dalam hati?

Dia beritahu lagi data yang diubahsuai. Saya tak minat nak ambik tau. Tread water.

Sama macam hari ini, dia beritahu. Saya dengar, masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri.
I m not a Ketua Darjah anymore. It was hearsay. No proof, kejadah apa saya nak ambik port?

Itu kerja dia.
In 2014, dia pilih untuk berdiam diri dan menyorokkan fakta. Saya pilih untuk memberhentikan ketidakadilan. Tahun 2015 Kaki Kencing tak berani menipu.

2016&2017  saya bukan lagi pelakon dalam filem itu. Saya penonton.
The power is in your hand. 
Mokcik cuci tangan sambil makan popcorn  sajalah.

Dengan geng Lindungan Kaabah ni payah nak kira. Mereka konfem maksum. Tiket syurga dah printscreen siap2. Kalau kita bagi proof their misconduct kita tetap dilabel penjarah. Malass....

Yang pemegang evidences, proof loud n clear  pun, sah2 kunci mulut dengan alasan, "dah janji tak nak heboh". Baguslah..
tak baik kita gaduh-gaduh ye tak...
Gasaklah d kids teraniaya pun. Kesah apa kalau sampai bila pun keputusan tidak valid. Integrity of d result is questionable, who cares????
But who cares.
As long as kita ni nampak 'baik' di mata manusia.

Nanti dihujung kehidupan ada pengiraan yang lebih adil.
Kita kira di sana sudah..

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Orang kata tempat yang paling sunyi ialah sewaktu berada di atas. Macam pelik.
Here is d English equivalent, d loneliest place in the world is when u r on the top.

From my experience, I couldnt agree more. Sakitnya tu di sini 💔

Today I was having brekkie when people talked about potluck.

"Dont. Let us do it when d new broom is not around", suggested someone. In my humble opinion, it is very unbecoming of her to say that. Her of all people!.

"Syhhh.. he's coming. Jangan cakap lagi". Dia kata. Penuh berkonspirasi.

Saya benci orang bermuka-muka.

Jadi saya bangun. Took a bowl n scoop the laksa. Yeah... second serving. Mokcik terpaksa.

"Can we do potluck?", saya tanya dengan muka askar to d new broom. He smiled n teased. But I maintained my coolness.

"Just once", saya kata, for others to hear. A friend pujuk sikit, but not me. Tak pernah dibuat saya nak manja2 hahhaha...

Entah kenapa, kot mintak sesuatu gigih saya spiking. Hahahah

He did not answer. Dat particular friend sambung memujuk. Saya terus duduk,makan  hahahahh...

"Hari Khamis ye...", d new broom cakap sewaktu saya sedang tunggu giliran bayar makanan.

Oh... gila saya terkejut.

"Saya boss, tapi saya kena tanya big boss juga", he signalled to d man in front of him. Ooookk..

"Kena cakap dengan ahli tingkap ni..." tu merujuk kepada geng yang mula2 bercadang nak buat sorok2 tu.

Saya perhatikan wajah seseorang betul2. She was not happy.

So dats it.
Menjadi Ketua bukan mudah. Ada banyak yang kena difikir sebab semua keputusan ada amanah yang mesti dilunaskan.

Adakalanya Ketua dijadikan kambing hitam oleh individu yang berkepentingan untuk mencari pengaruh. They defy the leaders  so that they will seen as hero, d leader is the villain.

I've been through this many times. I can smell rats even before they can open their mouth.
Menangis di bucu katil was never easy, I dont wish it to anyone.

Tu yang saya beria pagi ni...

The new broom will see me as pushy. I will be labelled as kaki bodek by d ladies gasakla sebenarnya saya cakap dengan muka askar pun...
As for me, well... I dont even have time for cooking. Gilerr..

I left d canteena with creased head. Tekanan...
Only now, I realised...

Eh... saya lupa bayar kot...

Kasih sayang untuk dirasa:)

Pukul 10 mlm, a gud fren called, kasi tau dia tengok movie sedih.

"Bercucuran air mata ai yu...", dia kata. Iols gelak2... I almost dozed off. Tapi kot org call malam-malam buta only to tell me dia tengok filem sedih, ya.... saya harus berkorban.

Akhirnya saya pun menangis sekali.

Dia kata dia rindukan abangnya. Emaknya meninggal sewaktu beliau kecil, jadi abangnya lah yang menjaganya, memanjakan dan mengajarnya tentang hidup. Bila abangnya meninggal dunia, dia rasa sangat keseorangan..

"I missed him so much", dia cakap. Menangis.

Tetiba saya juga rindu pada my late dad. Saya rindu bercerita dan mengadu padanya tentang semua perkara. Saya rindu gurau senda ayah saya. Sangat.

Sedar2 kami berbual selama 4 jam.
Menangis bersama.
Kalau tahajud ada juga pekdahnya:(

Hari ini saya bangun pukul 5.30 pagi dan errr... terkebil2.
Sakitnya ye merindui orang yang tiada.

Saya pejamkan mata.
Sedar-sedar dah pukul 6.45a.m.

Melompat saya turun katil, mandi, solat dan memecut ke tempat kerja.

7.36a.m. d#mn!
I was supposed to swap duty with Yuni because next week I will b out for year-end-task.

"Sorry. Lambat", saya cakap muka moyok.
"Takper. Next week pun biar saya duty juga." Yuni kata. Erm...

Saya menelefon rakan menangis. Kalau2 dia pun terlewat juga. Dia tak pick up.

Lima minit kemudian dia menelefon  semula. Moodnya sudah ok. Kurang ceria, tapi ok.

As for me, Cik Tie dan Cik Odah menegur, "tak sihat ke? Nampak macam tak sihat sahaja".

Saya tak jawab.
Physically saya ok.
Emotionally I m not.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Of being pushy part 2


I know people are waiting. Tik tok..
But I would never call people asking for result on Monday. In fact, I hate it so much if people asking my result, opinion ke hapa2 on Monday.
Monday blues kekdahnya...

Today at 10.27, d sponsor texted, boleh tak postpone since d big shot is not around until next Monday.
Two optional dates were given.
Rule #1, jangan sesekali kau memandai.
Jadi saya berlari ke bilik new broom.

He was busy.
"May I have a minute?" saya tanya, dia tak pelawa pun duduk.
 Jadi saya cakap laju-laju.

Date 1: NOPE
Date 2: Kalau Puan tiada siapa yang akan gantikan?

Saya bagi 2 nama.
No 1: Busy with major exam.
No 2: She's ok.

He smiled.  He shrugged off. "Beritahu kekangan masa ye"
Diplomatik giler.

Lagi sekali saya berlari. Ini berita gembira.
Yang tak gembira, bila saya beritahu d kids, mereka tarik muka.

At 2.++p.m.bro texted. Dia sudikan gantikan my place.
First, mestilah called d sponsor, ok ke kalau tak jadi kensel?
Dia jerit gembira..

At 2.50p.m. I called d new broom. He is n d meeting room.

Me: It is ok, I will wait for u 
Him: Takper, cakaplah sekarang.
Me:Boleh on semula sebab ada pengganti?
Him: Boleh, kalau dia sanggup.

People said he is so pushy.
That is because they never 'deal' with me 

In my humble opinion, u need to be pushy where d kids r concerned.
Semoga urusan ini dipermudahkan...

Last year, d  sponsors were singing my praise. One of them told the boss to give me ANY ANUGERAH because of all d participants, ours was d only one yang berjalan.
Our proposal was used as benchmark as well.
He said it in front of other upper echelons.

Korang ingat saya dapat ANUGERAH?
Cekelat sebijik pun tak dapat hahahhaah...
Takder masa saya nak sentap tak nak buat program lagi ke hapa..

As I always write in my blog, takder apa pun yang saya nak kejar dalam hidup ini.
Nama, pangkat, duit dan kesenangan dunia takkan boleh saya bawa ke alam lagi satu.
As long as the kids will benefited from this programme, I could not ask for more. 

That's why saya boleh relaks je main paksa2 the broom. 
If you do not like me, feel free to find a replacement  kekdahnyaa...

This is me.
Take it. Or. Leave it.

Of being pushy part 1


Do you like somebody pushy?
I don't.
Come on... Neither d u. Jangan wayang ye...

But somehow nak senang hidup I have too. I could see d new broom was really irritating.

"Waaa..." he said.
"I just want to preserve my good name", saya jawab. Takder wayang. Tak kuasa.

Dua  hari memaksa, on the second day I handed the proposal.
Prepared by me and d big shot name on d approval column.
Saya fikir he was impressed.

"Duit ni datang dari mana?" he asked.
"Jangan fikir. Itu kerja mereka. Cukup tak?", saya tanya kembali.
"Saya tengok banyak sangat ni, ada ke duitnya?" beliau bertanya semula.
""Mereka kena usahakan" saya jawab mudah.

Sebab itu saya bertahan dengan tugasan ini. Saya cuma buat tugasan saya saja. Hal lain saya tak sudi fikir. Tayar  kereta pancit pun saya nangis bila nak kena ganti, inikan nak keluar duit untuk hal macam ni. Celah mana saya nak korek?

"If you say YES, kita proceed", saya cakap macam hari2 saya dapat duit ribu riban.

Selesai submit, saya buat tak tau saja. Beberapa hari kemudian, saya minta balik awal.

Saya pergi dengan harapan yang setipis kain chiffon.
He is so strict unntil people said they do not want to pick up the phone.. hahahaha

"Saya dah register since June kot, mana nak tahu weekend ni kena kerja pula", saya cakap, muka askar. Saya dah pasti tak akan dapat keluar.
Redha. Sobssss.
I showed him d confirmation slip.

Him: Di mana?
Me: Kuala Kangsar
Him: Bila?
Me: Esok, tapi hari ini last ambik race kit.
Him: oooo pergilah... jalan baik2 je..

Dushhh... satu penganiayaan kepada kewarasan saya.

Saya cuba buat muka cool. Ala-ala....
So what????

Tapi saya masuk toilet dan terus kunci pintu
*chicken dance* ahahahah

Sunday, November 05, 2017


Masa sekolah saya nak buat law... dah lama terkubur.

Tetiba hari ini... 
Datang kembali

Friday, November 03, 2017


Acho was not free, so I volunteered myself. Once arrived, Nik had already prepared dinner.

Considering dia baru je boleh berjalan tanpa tongkat after accident.
She was helped by Along, yang tengah study week tu.. hmm..

Kayla n I gigih ambik gambo.
She looks like Saffi.

I went back at 4. To avoid traffic jam.
Kelat muka Kayla:)


On my way home I called Anjang, asking for Iman's number. Called him up n 30 minutes later I was there.

As usual muka Iman serius je. Saya fikir macam budak lelaki seusianya, dia acah2 cool bila dengan makandak.

"Do u need anything Iman?", saya tanya.
"Tak ada apa. Esok Ibu datang, Iman ingat nak minta ibu beli biskut", nampak tak... He never ask anything. 

Mak Andak insisted. We went to Tesco Extra. He bought stationeries n Luxor n Oreo biscuits. I asked him to try Calpis drinks "Izzudin suka tau, cuba Iman try juga". He took grapes flavour though. 

We ate. 
"Ikut MakAndaklah nak makan kat mana" was all his reply. I gave him option between d two fast food joints there. He chose KFC. 

Surprisingly he chose d cheapest in d menu. We ate together n I gave half of my portion to him too. He left half of d cheezy wedges for me, without saying any words. 

Ya. Greedy is one of d kid's attributes. Alhamdulillah, Iman despite muka-askar is well-brought. Might be it is part of his life as a cyclist team too. Beggar cant b chooser. Whatever it is MakAndak really respect his politeness. 

It has been a tradition makandak will visit them before UPSR an PT3. Just so they know I really want them to get the best result. 

I never visit Izzati, Adeeba, Luqman n Nadiah before SPM. They stayed at the faraway boarding school. Most of d time, I was struggling with my year-end task too.

Guess, Iman did not expect to see me either. 

"Iman ingat nak minta makandak datang Ahad ini", Iman beritahu sewaktu Mak Andak sedang tuisyenkan dia. 

It is one of d reasons why I found time for him. I m so worried he can't do well. 

I left d school at 6.50p.m. It was almost dark, nak tuisyen apa lagi kan...

"Iman kena ingat u hv to do well because u r d eldest." makandak bisik. 

"Ok", dia jawab sepatah. Itu pun dah cukup convincing. 

Flowery hati makandak.

Khai Bahar

It started off when I have to compile songs for Sarong Party.
BBNU betul mokcik rasa...

That aside, saya fikir lagu2 Khai Bahar sangat soothing dan menyentuh hati.

"Suara dia sedap macam Hazami" Shahid kata. I couldnt agree more. L

Here is one of my favourites. Saya letak lirik. If u guys can sing much better than him give me a call.. hahahah

Sudah Puas aku menangis lagi
Kau Hadirkan mendung awan yang kelam
Namun Ku kan tetap bisa betahan
Secebis Kasih yang telah kau beri
Kan Ku simpan dalam memori indah
Tapi Semuanya telah berakhir
Aku Tersungkur menunduk meraung
Dan Tiada siapa bisa merasakan
Oh Sakitnya hati ini
Jika Kau tak mampu memberiku senyum
Usah Kau hadirkan dengan kedukaan
Oh Biarlah hidupku dengan caraku

Secebis Kasih yang telah kau beri
Kan Ku simpan dalam memori indah
Tapi Semuanya telah berakhir
Aku Tersungkur menunduk meraung
Dan Tiada siapa bisa merasakan
Oh Sakitnya hati ini
Jika Kau tak mampu memberiku senyum
Usah Kau hadirkan dengan kedukaan
Oh Biarlah hidupku dengan caraku
Sedia Menghadapi yang akan tiba
Takkan Berundur walau seketika
Aku Terus berjalan mencari sinar baru