Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Seribu tahun takkan sama

Technically I m going to rant about yesterday event. See, it is 2.30a.m n I still wide awake.
I've been worried sick about...

Like,  d event which I havent prepare, if I did not, nobody will. Then, when the things done, people will ask, "Kenapa tak bahagikan tugas?, kenapa buat sorang?"
It juz failed to understand what kind of ' bahagikan tugas' they r referring to. If everyone executes their OWN task,  I wont have to bear it alone.

And the teaching materials I meant to prepare.  Or d ones I meant to download buat there was no Internet connection.  It is such a hassle to go to d lab on my free time. Definitely a no no.

And d fact that I made an appointment on Feb 1St, forgetting that I have promise a switch with a friend.  Oh no.

And maybe about things in general.
About events I have to plan.
About #12A maintenance
about the golf tournament haha

What is life without worries huh?
On something unrelated,  mommy came back yesterday.  Unnoticed.
Very typical of my sister to do that.

Guess d house was locked,  as I went out early after prepared brekkie n lunch, in one go. A man came while I was drying d laundry, asking Acho for a look whether his farm can be excavated or not.
EXCAVATED ok, tu yg beria mokcik pasang telinga.
I guess Acho went out after brekkie too.

Or maybe,  this is d real worrisome thingy.
When u can drive, why should u burden others to take u around?
In my humble opinion it is Just not nice.
It created much tense for others.

Maybe that's it.
People just took things for granted.
They forget to ask. Forget to discuss. Forget to notify. Forget to b nice.
Worst. They forget that others have life too.


Sunday, January 29, 2017


Mommy is still on holiday.
Yesterday I make it a point to prepare dinner for my bros
Steamed kerapu and vege tom yum. By d time nak dinner baru perasan nasi x masak lagi.  Syukur mereka bertabah makan dengan mee saja.

ThIs morning after Subuh, I prepared Grilled lamb.  Gigih mokcik bersilat subuh sepi-e coz after that I went back to -12A to weed d grass.

The 72-hole-golf-course-size lawn memang memerlukan kerja berhari2 baru siap. Bertabahlah...

Had a brief chat with my jiran belakang rumah. It is always fun talking to her.

I took d Chilli plants too, but by the time I finished trim d bourgainvila, it was almost 12. Mak saya pesan, jangan tanam pokok tengah hari.

Jadi saya masuk rumah, cuci kain n masak for lunch.
Maggie Mee? No way...
I had cucur manis for lunch. Upmarket okπŸ˜‚

While watching tv ( or it is d other way around) I read a book. Thatcher book. I like it so much tapi berat...
Later after Zohor I chose a Kinsella book, before I dozed off.

It was raining again, hancurlah impian nak gardening. ☔

So I continued reading.
Then, I realised I m supposed to do groceries n promised dinner with my bro.

On my way to #18 I stopped@econsave n bought a bird, yellow onions, potatoes,  3 packets of shandong groundnuts n 2 packets of vochelle.

It was 7pm when I reached home.
Locked as usual. Acho came back Couple of minutes later, followed by Arif n Jo.

Tonight we had grilled chicken with tomatoes dip.
I love lemon Grilled chicken better tapi tangan saya luka2 sebab memangkas pokok bunga kertas siang tadi.
Bila kena asid, sangatla pedih.
I made a pot of Lychee Tea. Sedap gilerrr..
Tapi, derang x minum pun. Cess..

Not that I  complaining.

 Pokok bunga kertas tu sangat cantik dan saya suka warnanya. If I m not mistaken Dr Hani yang tanam, nostalgia betul.
It just that I planned to paint d fence jadi kenala pokok tu dipangkas kot tak tersangkut kepala...

Oh Goshhh...
It reminds me...
There r too many things to do.

The paint can wait.
Right now I enjoyed cooking for my brothers more.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Forest City

Thanks to d Chinese New Year long break, now I can do things that I deprived of doing during year-end holiday.

On Friday I had a meet up with Youth Dept reP. Partly to submit Anugerah Remaja Perdana application n mainly to discuss about Gold Awards programme.
Last year when I first met Kak Zimah, d reP, dia kata dia teringin nak produce a Gold Award Recipient,  walaupun sorang.
Kak Zimah had been nothing but supportive to me all along. Jadi haruslah saya membalas budi baiknya dengan berusaha sedaya upaya.
I m perfectly aware of d obstacles we must endure, tapi saya yakin, kerja yang baik Allah akan kirimkan bantuan

Then, I missed gardening so much. I planned to plant Chillies, pandan n Tiger lilies. Anyway, I must start with wedding d grass first. Which I did, this morning.
Tapi ye la kan.. Halaman rumah saya tu sebesar padang golf, maka baru sikiittt je yang siap.

Ermmm.. I love steamed fish so much. Noodle curry is in my list too. I might bake cheese tart, as I like cheese so much. Or maybe Nasi Arab which I haven't cook Since Eid.
Ohhhh Goshhh.. There r so many things I want to cook, unfortunately mommy went for a holiday,  resulted no one coming home for d break.
Setakat masak makan sendiri,  adalah sangat kurang bijak so I ended up,  masak Maggi Mee for 2 days in a row😨

There r newspapers which I stacked next to d settee which meant to b read if I hv time. There is a particular 17th January issue which I missed.

Jadi letak kat sinilah, in case korang pun missed jugak..

Bila baca artikel tu terus bertambah stress.
Saya x ingat siapa yg pesan, tapi katanya kalau nak jadi businessman, letak jawatan jangan jadi cikgu.
Kalau nak politcian, letak jawatan, jangan jadi cikgu.

Saya sudahi entry kali ini dengan laporan saya nak ke taman dan workout.
Harap-harap taman  di tepi balai Abang Bomba I lap u itu kekal menjadi taman rekreasi,  not another forest City.

Jom workout!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lokam Manis

Saya balik pukul 4.16petang, walaupun banyak buku yang saya tak marking.
Saya stress.

Ni baru 17 hari persekolahan.  A boy dah tak datang for 12 days. Mohtip?
De-motivated betul saya dengan budak cenggini.  Terus saya hilang mood nak buat apapun.

Saya start enjin keter n memandu ke tempat thumbprint. Nak jalan kaki pun saya takder mood. Mokcik stress out tahap gaban!

Dari jauh saya nampak a Lady jalan sambil kupas lokam.

"Awak sihat tak?" saya tanya..

Dia berhenti dan hulurkan lokam yang siap berkupas. Saya ambik. Walaupun mood kelaut tapi selera makna saya konsistenπŸ˜‚

Selama hari ni dia tidaklah generous

her: I like ur text ur text message
Me: ohhhh u read?

The thing is,  I posted a lenghty text message on Monday  as my last effort. Dgn poyonya saya ingatkan semua orang buat kerja sebab kalau dijemput 'pulang', macamana nak menjawab 'di sana' nanti.
If u know what I mean.
No one response.  So I thought, depa delete terus. Hahhahahha..

Her: I tak baca tapi XXX yang baca. So dia called me n tunjukkan mesej tu.
Me: ohhoo ( terus makan hahha)
Her; Bagus Kak. I sokong. Lepas akak send mesej tu, nampakla 'dia' buat kerja sikit.
Me: Alhamdulillah...  Berkat doa awak semua. Kesian d Kids kot... Menganiaya mereka nanti... Cuba kalau kena kat anak awak...
Her: Anak saya pun komplen Kak, walaupun anak saya tu tak pandai mana...
Me: I feel u. It shudnt happen. See I dont mind org nak pakai seksi ke, nyanyi suara tak sedap ke hahhahah but if it involves d Kids, I juz cannot sit still
Her: Ada lagi Kak....Dia kan kak...

Aduan tu sebenarnya dari last week dah diadukan oleh orang lain. Saya dengar tapi sebab level menyusahkan d Kids tu kurang, jadi saya pun kurang berminat nak buang masa.

To b frank saya tak faham kenapa orang suka fikir, Allah akan sentiasa bersama dia walaupun dia aniaya orang.

Analoginya begini. Seorang doktor bila pesakit datang dia bagi tazkirah suruh perbagai hubungan sesama manusia sebab itu kifarah Allah n kata2 semangat. Pesakit balik.

Besok dia dtg lg sebab sakit x hilang
 Doktor pesan lg suruh muhasabah diri dan ingat Allah lah yg memberi dan menyembuhkan penyakit. Banyaklah bersedekah untuk sucikan rezeki. Berdoalah minta ampun dari Allah, ke macam tu. Then dia ajar zikir je.
Dia x check dan tak kasi ubat pun.

Korang rasa?

I went home dengan hati yang sedikit tenang. Mungkin saya tak boleh selamatkan that boy, sebab Obviously dia pun tak sudi menyelamatkan diri sendiri.... Tapi, kalau kata2 that Lady tu betul, saya harap ada kesudahan yang baik untuk d Kids.

Seriously,  nothing personal. It juz dat, hidup ni singkat sangat...

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


The project is in quest to make into Malaysian Book of RECORDS. It kicked off late in 2016.  I posted in d group, looked like no one was interested.
Mereka bizi πŸ˜‚

Each district is required to do 200pcs.  I can always give excuses or pin point people but from d start I took up d Ketua Derjah challenge I promised to give my best.

Since my year-end holiday was full with Ketua Derjah Kelab Drama task, I can only started doing it with d Kids last Friday. Since d school resumed,  I hardly can find free time with d Kids.
Mereka tu yang bizi sangat, mokcik okπŸ˜‚

Do u know that in order to teach u must know what u r teaching?
Mengajar d Kids doing d golliwog and urged them to reach d target at d same time is very challenging.

There were 23 Kids present, but after 2 hours yang siap hanyalah less than 15. Jiha n Tasha stayed back.

I can see Jiha tried to do the most. I m grateful for that. I think she understands my predicament more than anyone does😒

Luckily Jun promised to do with her charge. Yippee!! Dayah also said she is interested.
Terus hati mokcik flowery katanya.

Mokcik percaya,  bila kita usahakan sesuatu kerana yang di atas sana, Dia akan hulurkan bantuan dalam bentuk yang tak tercapai oleh akal.

How I wished  d target will b achieved n we will be in MBR.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Jee n Jie

5 days ago Jee, an Indian lady texted. Katanya our superior (a Chinese) suggested I continued jadi Ketua Derjah Kelab Drama n Jee took over another team.

Saya cakap dalam hati.

Jee kasi sehari utk fikir as d task is a matter of life or deathπŸ˜‚
" u promised it was a year replacement.  Come back. We need u" saya terus balas.

Jee reminded me d offer came from our superior who praised that I did a very good job except I was too lenient.
" Why shud we stop u from being a Chief", tergamak dia cakap..

Leniency is something I cant change. God knows I've tried. Mokcik hati tisu walau muka macam askar. Despite,  I stayed because I like working with Jee n d teammates.

So saya turned down d offer.
I felt really bad about it.

There r not many Moslems lead d group. Dont get me wrong. There is no discrimination. Everything is on merit. I m proud that they give a good remark on my first tryπŸ’–

Do u know that non-moslem perception on us r not encouraging? Moslems r seen as lacking effort, incompetent n full of excuses.

Do u know dat my friends n I worked hard to prove them wrong?
Jadi saya berkerja dua kali lebih kuat.
Bergerak dua kali lebih laju dan try my best to b punctual

Yup. Mokcik penat.

Saya tak kisah berkerja kuat. Tapi bergerak laju tu saya sangat penat.
Saya impikan kerja tanpa stress.
Saya idamkan berjalan mengikut kata hati. Bila penat kita berhenti gitu..

But still... What an opportunity lost!
Goshhh... Did I make a right decision?

Terus saya telefon Jie. Mengadu.
He said he could not decide for me. Dia suruh list down d advantages..

There is only one advantage pun, n Jie said if u think it is important,  dont quit.
Afterall in January u can always go for a holiday, Jie kata lagi.
Nampak tak betapa full of pozitibiti beliau ini.

Whatttttt holiday??????
Saya tanya dalam hati.

Me; Eh...d tournament yg u mentioned tu sounds so grand.
him: d biggest so far.  World players ramai dtg.
Me; World ranking nombor brp?
Him:( dia sebut n siap sebut nama, tapi sorang pun saya x kenal)
Me: Boleh x kalau I datang?
Him: Boleh...  Tapi kena buat pass n all or else u cannot enter d club.
Me: Susahnya... Then susahkan Jie je. X payahlah..
Him: X susah pun, cuma nak buatkan pass je..
Me: I am afraid u hv to take d trouble... Seriously,  I tanya je kot... X dpt tgk pun takper..
Him: Nope..x susah.  I will get d pass for u.

Untuk rekod, bila janji bab free pass ni, Jie mmg boleh dipercayai..

So guys, entry ini ialah sejenis pujian kepada kawan.
Kalau nak jadi kawan, jadilah macam derang berdua.

Jujur dan sentiasa bagi sokongan.
Dan bagi free pass untuk kawan bila diminta, albeit kawan tu sepatah haram pasal golf pun dia tak reti.

Layankan je..

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The holiday I never have

Saya pernah cakap kan hobi Yarn ialah ambik gambor. He went for photography expedition cenggitu. Cuma lately bila dah ada anak, tak pernah pula dia tunjukkan gambar terbaru.
Hal2 personal, mokcik malas nak ambik pot.
It juz dat satu hari ada arahan suruh ambik gambar. Jadi saya pun tanya kalau Yarn boleh ambikkan gambo. Saya menmain je
He did send me d pic. Cantik betul lighting..

2 hari kemudian Yarn sent lagi. Saya x donlod   cuma ckp thnxx he.

On Friday saya pergi lagi jumpa Yarn, sebab wajib update e-system. Benci betul...
Saya lupa password. Syukur Yarn tabah membantu. 

Tak ingat pun.macam mana mula,  Yarn tanya pasal holiday. 
Holiday mender????
Saya konpius. 

" Ada gambarkan", Yan cakap. Ye gambo.kat atas tu la.
" Saya dah kirim pada akak. Tak tengok la tu", Yan cakap. 

Tanpa sebab yg kukuh saya sengih sampai telinga..
So thoughtful of Yarn..

Holiday is what I really need these days

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Another year with Errr.. Clowns.

The Bingit still tarik muka up to now,  sangatla bosan. The good thing, dia dah kurang bingit.

But still, I caught her CSI perkara yang dibingitkannya tempoh hari. Kalau ikut rekod, dia akan pergi mengadu kepada upper echelon secara rahsia, sambil fefeling Lindungan Kaabah.

Tak bolehke dia x ambik semua benda personally?.  Once d discussion over, d things r iron out, sudahlah.  Yang nak tarik muka sampai hujung nyawa dah kenapa? Serius bosan okehhh...

Despite I announced everything in d open, d document is made available, masih lagi nak berCSI bagai. Bosannya...

Then, there is another.

I could not find important documents.  Please note d plural form. of course I checked sapa yang simpan. There r 2 persons.

Org yg pertama saya cakap,  cepat submit jangan sampai disebut orang.

I reported d missing, wajib. We r talking about integrity here.
D action was taken on d same day.
No 1 submitted d next morning.

Last I checked, No 2 documents was not to be seen. I did not ask him personally. He was supposed to submit in 2016 kot..

Kalau hal yang dia tak ada kena mengena pun dia sanggup menengking orang dalam meeting, fefeling Lindungan Kaabah sangat, I wonder if it is HIS integrity which is in question, mungkin lagi panjang caci nista beliau sambil disokong oleh geng Lindungan Kaabah.


Meanwhile kehilangan dokumen itu tentu saja memburukkan masa depan d Kids.
Kalau setakat hilang kalkulator rege 50,60 hengget.. Saya kesah pun tidak.
Duit boleh dicari.

ThIs is something u cannot replace.

While kena tengking dalam meeting,  saya boleh bersabar, kena pulau bertahun2, bila jumpa tarik muka...
Goshhh... Yang tu saya sangat x tahan dan bosan to d core kekdahnya. I dont deserve those clowns.

Kalau nak hidup aman damai, saya harus pejam mata.
But then, how about d kids' future? Saya tak fikir saya boleh bersabar.

Semoga Allah berikan rezeki yang baik untuk d Kids. Semoga janganlah mereka dianiayai.

Buat kali entah keberapa, I must say, kesabaran yang saya wayangkan memang sudah tidak bersisa.

Jemah is forever

3 weeks ago, I was having brekkie alone when someone hempaskan cawan. Saya tak menoleh pun. Bab2 domestic violence mokcik agak tak mau campur.

Puas saya fikir, apa masalah derang ni..
Encik A cuma cakap dia nak kahwin lagi. Lawak nak berkahwin lagi tu dah bertahun saya dengar. Nothing new..

Yang hempas cawan tu selalu je peluk cium saya, baik orangnya. Tetiba emo saya tak faham.

"Ingat senang nak kahwin lagi. Takder penyakit cari penyakit", Honestly, saya cuma ingat dia hempas cawan je. Ayat tu mungkin ada sikit lari hhahahha.

In d beginning I thought her husband yang kahwin lagi. Jadi saya x ambil pot, sebab saya pun rasa simpati juga. If d need arise, saya pun sudi jugak baling cawan ke muka suaminya. Hahhahah

Entah....later baru saya tau mereka merujuk kepada orang lain.

"Talipon Ayob (bukan nama sebenar)" saya cakap bila TheOldFriend kata dia tak tau, sebab semua sumber kunci mulut.

Ayob did not pick up d phone.  ThIs is d second time he did this. 2 days before he did not pick up when I called.  Everyone says,  it is normal for him. I just cant accept it. I never call anyone semata2 nak tanya dah makan ke belum.

If norizan adnan called, it must b damn important.
Mokcik hangin...

Hari ni pun saya hangin juga, walaupun yang call tu TheOldFriend...  Kitaorg ada hal penting kot... Yg x pick up phone tu dah kenapa?


" Awak kan sumber kita", gigih saya bebel kat TheOtherFriend bila kami terserempak few minutes later...
Geng Mak Jemah kot...

As usual TheOtherFriend memang tidak menghampakan. He knows quite details.

The marriage was over after 2 weeks.  Tu fakta. Juicy titbits, masih samar.

"Kenapa?" saya tanya.
" Teringat yang lama", jawab beliau.
" Habis tu?" saya tanya lagi.
"g semula dgn yg lama la", dia jawab senang.  Eh?
"Kot ye orang tu nak", saya skeptikal.
"Mestilah mau. Gila bayang dah tu", dia cakap. Something in his knowing smiles was making me Errr... Annoying.

Masa tengah mabuk bercinta, tak fikir panjang, sanggup buang yang lama. Bila dah dapat yang dikejar, bajet tersilap langkah nak berpatah semula...

Mohtip sangat saya plak yang emo.
Mohtip sangat TheOtherFriend n I 'bersatu' semula after a rocky-end in 2016.

Very d Jemah ok

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dont u ever show dat face again.

I was a bit hangin...
During a group discussion a boy remained indifferent. His face was blank.
Group discussion kot..

Fine.. Dia angkat tangan surrender, muka masih expressionless.

Hari ni mereka tulis diari je kot...
Gigih mokcik gunting kertas warna dalam different shapes. Walaupun senget2, appreciate la sikit...

Ok sentap..
That boy tulis diary entry.
Now it explained d moody expression.

"Ini first time saya kena marah pagi2 kot...", dia cakap sewaktu saya sudah habis mengajar.
" So, u came late?", saya teka...
"Ye..  Tapi saya dah awal dah. Cuma motor saya tu Xder lampu,  sekarang lambat terang. Jadi saya tunggu kawan sebab motor dia ada lampu. Dia lambat, habis dengan saya pun kena tahan hari ni. Spoil betul", dia cakap dengan beria.

Honestly saya faham apa rasanya kena bebel pagi2. Stressed..
Jadi saya kunci mulut saja..

Bila dah tenang besok, saya akan beritahu dia, masa di Universiti,  saya dan kawan beli lampu motosikal dan tukar sendiri sebab nak jimat duit.
It took us hours baru siap,  punyalah x reti.. Tu lah first time both of us gerodek motor tu.
To think dat, I can do d tricky things sebab nak jimat punya pasal, dah kenapa budak2 sekarang kemain qanaah sangat. Adventurous la sket.

Now mokcik pun stress jugak

Monday, January 16, 2017

Mokcik idola beliau...

Dah lama saya perasan dia suka quote saya. Hahhahhaha. Hoverr okeh...

Sometimes dia buat decision sama macam saya buat.
Like when everyone says A, tapi lepas saya research B is d best,  saya tetap juga buat B despite saya jadi bahan caci maki orang.
I just couldnt care less.

Yang itu lah ditirunya.
Hari ini dia mengambil keputusan nak told her staff off.
Dia pun cerita dengan panjang lebar what transpires n everything.

Saya dengar. Saya fikir.
" Tapi ini kurang baik. Kalau Fauzi Ishak tau, dia mesti x setuju.'

" Kenapa? Aku cakap banyak sgt?" dia tanya balik.

"Sort of. Jadi u PuΕ₯ ur emotion there.  Fauzi Ishak tu pr,  Once dia arranged for golf trip, org kaya2 ni byk songeh sgt, tapi dia cool je. Dia kata jgn blame org   tp blame d system." dan dan mokcik quote Fauzi Ishak pulak.

" Jadi cara aku ni teruk?" itu ke dia tanya...

" Nope. It gives d culprit space to twist d facts", gigih mokcik berstrategi, " u hv tp do d damage control " Terus mokcik kasi sagesyen. Padahal dia x mintak pun...

Perbualan habis sebab ada hal lain.. Cuma hours later dia tanya satu soalan yang membuatkan mokcik terfikir 2 kali.

" Jadi sebenarnya kita ni idola engkau?" mokcik tanya.
dia kata mokcik perasan hahahhahaha

Orang Melayu mmg perahsia eh..
I never tell Fauzi Ishak, dalam leaderships,  beliau ialah idola saya.
He never knows betapa kagumnya saya pada dia. Saya fikir dia takkan tau rahsia ini sampailah ke hujung hayat kami berdua.
Unless korang mulut Tempayan...


When I started working, setiap kali sch holiday, mereka spent dengan Mak Andak derang. Untunglah derang ada Mak Andak yang dahla terer memasak, menyanyi pun kemain sedap... (tolonglahhhh mengaku)

Tapi in 2016, jadual Mak Andak akak huru hara sedikit.  Mereka pun kemainnnn bizi juga, dengan tuition la,  games la,  itu la ini la.. Kalah KJ.

Frankly, I missed going on a holiday with them.

Since I hv run,  so I asked Baby if she could sponsor lunch. She said yes, so I called up Nick for my in-law permission. Wakil je.

Honestly all my bros-in-law sangatla mudah dibawak berbincang, yang banyak songeh tu isteri2 mereka a.k.a kakak2 saya. Kali ni mereka ok pulak.

Plan asal I will drive from Bukit Naga in d morning, later I learnt it takes almost one hour,  terus tukar plan n sleepover at Baby's.

We stopped at Giant n bought some food amounted to RM100++. Scratched head coz I dunno what they bought.

Baby scratched head too n PuΕ₯ aside all d food Since she did d groceries too. She prepared tom yum n omelette for dinner. Nick gave some mushrooms.

We went straight to sleep after that.
Only to wake up at 5 a.m d next day.
We headed to Cyberjaya n parked at d mosque.

Here, our brekkie

Did u notice d Deuter pouch bag. It is a brand New. Baby kasi pinjam hahahhaha

Nisa n I saja yg lari. Zudin n Adib could not. When Nisa was 11 saya hantar dia training ngan TheOtherFriend.  Tahan sehari je... 
Kali ni bila run, I slowed down to give her support (alasannya)
Finally dia sampai juga. Yippeeeeee! 

Then, we had refreshments before joining my running buddies.  
Oh yes... These r my girl friends for 31 years.

We used to be in d same class n shared d dormitory too since we were 13. Mokcik bab berkawan memang ke hujung nyawa katanya. They were d ones yg registered,  picked d race kits n remind me about d run. Jadi mokcik dah melenggang pakai inner je n bila jumpa derang,  baru sarung race t-shirt. Heaven!!!
Ketabahan mereka melayan mokcik yang blur-unlimited ini sangat makcik kagumi. Semoga Allah berikan mereka kehidupan yang barokah.  Aminnn..

Once we bid goodbye, kitaorang pun balik. 
Halfway we stopped at d lake n took wefie

It is very hard to see Zudin smiles these days. Baju n tudung saya basah berpeluh,  so I came out like that. Abaikan...

Once we reached home, Baby served nuggets while waiting for lunch. Plain Rice, nice vege soup, prawn sambal n fried chicken. She made lemonade too!!!!!

For tea she made fried kuey-tiaw. Padahal plan asal I asked her for lunch je pun. 
We parted at 4 n I sent them to Bukit Naga. 

Both Anjang n Nick dah siap nak hantar Aisyah n Alia back tp d hostel. ThIs year Iman also started studying at sports school. He had tournament on weekends,  so Anjang had to see her n sent some books I guess.

"Ada laksa kat dapur, makan dulu", my bro pesan. The thing is, two weeks ago saya cakap saya nak makan laksa tapi semua kedai tutup, so we ended up makan kat McD. 

ThIs time around they never forget. Heeeee..

You see, sometimes people asked me n said something ridiculous like, "I have so much commitments,  unlike you?"
" I couldnt do thIs n that because of my family". 

Mungkin kalau Allah tarik nikmat yang Dia pinjamkan kot baru this people berhenti petik family as a hindrance.

My life is far from perfect,  but I value d time spent with family n friends. 
Korang pun sama kan?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Another year of...

We had another meet up. By right it is Kaki Kencing's turn to b Secretary.

"Tak nak!" dia cakap dengan keras.
Semua orang pun berkeras tak mahu juga.

Yang jadi mangsa mestilah Ketua Derjah. I can see he work Hard to win our approval.  In d end I volunteereed myself.
"I dont want to ask you because I thought u hv so much at hand", lebih kurang gitu dia cakap. "I wont mind kalau u r d Ketua Derjah, kot orang lain I don want", saya cakap sambil ketawa.
Tapi petang itu bila saya stayed back sensorang to complete my intended task, mokcik menangis dalam hati.

Semoga ada kesudahan yang baik, dan jangan sebut pada saya pasal buat kerja banyak dapat pahala ke apa benda. If u r so concern about syurga neraka, janganlah biarkan kezaliman berlaku bertahun2, too much ok. If u hv no power to do so, d least u can do is SHUT up.

Yesterday,  another person complained about this n that. 10 years ago, she simply went to d boss n complained about anyone,  sometimes for something which is... Errr so silly...
Instead of b open, she likes to laga2kan orang.
Whenever she helps anyone,  she will tell all n sundry.  Goshhh...
Whenever she did task, lakonannya melampau sangat n terus petik orang yang tak buat... Dah kenapa kot?
Apart from dat,  dia ok je..

Last year she suggested me to do something.  I did 99% of d task,  padahal janji awal joint venture. Yang tu saya ok. Tapi dia punya bingitttttt... Perghhh... Siap petik itu ini, sangat kurang cerdik.
Instead of melayan, I focused on d end product. Sampai sudah dia x tunjuk muka.
Hebat betul...

End of year, I accidentally asked her something, then I realised, I shud talk to her superior instead.
"Cakap dengan siapa2 pun sama je" katanya...
Still, I went to her superior n lay out my plan..
Her superior was extremely profesional,  despite d plan did not materialise,  but we remained hopeful until now. So to speak.

Yesterday,  early in d morning she made those bingitttttt thing again.
Jadi saya beritahu dia jangan nak bingit pagi2 n spoil mood orang. Saya juga beritahu dia kalau tak nak buat, biar saya saja yang buat. Saya ambik semula dokumen yang dibisingkannya itu.

Sejam kemudian dia kata biarlah dia yang buat. Saya kata padanya, tidak perlu, sebab saya paling benci orang bingit pagi2.
Saya boleh memilih untuk berkata sambil gelak ketawa macam selalu.
Tapi selepas bertahun2, saya tahu dia akan pergi jumpa superior dan mengadu dengan penuh emosi seolah2 dia sangat teraniaya.

Selepas itu dia tulis kata sindiran di whatsapps group hahhahaha. Seterusnya dia bergosip dibelakang sambil kawan2 yang tahu cerita separuh masak tu pun back up dia kaw2..

The truth.
Baru tahun 2016,  seseorang minta nasihat what to do with her. Dia tunggu saya habis solat sebab sedih sangat...
Konpius betul saya. Kami sepatutnya menguruskan program yang DIA cadangkan tu, while saya nak buka henfon pun sempat dia ada masa pula nak mengarang kata2 sindiran di whatsapps group.  Heh?

At dat time, I told dat particular someone dont say  a word n dont do anything. Pretend it never happen.

Few months later, dat particular thanked me because it works wonder.
But d damage had been done.

That's why, this time, I did what I had done.
Control damage namanya tu ye..

But then, another year dengan Kaki Kencing n orang yang bingitttttt...
Semoga Allah berikan saya hati yang cekal dan kesihatan yang baik supaya saya boleh berkerja lebih. Janji d Kids untung...
Hal lain kita nangis kat bucu katil sajalah



There r so many things to blog about.
Like... Faiz Subri winning.
Lagi win mestilah komen2 rakyat Malaysia pasal pakai salib (serius kelakar kau dik), pasal gol nasib (Aikkk awak x dapat pulak,  shortlisted pun tidak, awak lagi hebat kot), pasal ucapan tahniah daripada JDT kerana anak Johor menang dan paling mega-win komen Faiz scrolled d handphone n mumbling-English-speech. Kau yang impeccable English,  tak menang pulak ye dik.. Patut kau yang menang dik, boleh kau bagi speech ala2 Donald Trump gitu. πŸ˜‚

Ada satu lagi tangkapan SPRM hari Rabu lepas. Saya baca dalam setkabo hari Ahad, while facial. Unfortunately,  setkabo tu tertinggal....aiseyy yang saya ingat,  isteri suspek ada 150 beg tangan mewah.
" Ko ingat Coach, Michael Kors tu ke luxury handbag " Baby snapped bila saya kata it took me years baru saya mampu beli. Satu henbeg  Coach.
"We r talking about Prada, Birkin, LV and d likes okeh.." Baby sambung..
" Sangat gamfenss.", sorry mokcik emo. Dah bertahun saya centakan Birkin, satu pun mampu beli,  but she has 150?? Guna duit rakyat pula tu....Melampau!

I also read about Azimah yang hilang setahun di Mekah. Sekarang dah.kembali tapi keluarga kata jangan ganggu, give some space.
I m so sorry for d family, tapi...
Ok abaikan

Malaysia masih aman

Monday, January 09, 2017

A trip with mommy

Lately her health deteriorating. She sleeps in most afternoons. But then,  whenever we told her we need help with our job,  she was all in, walaupun hanya duduk di tepi pintu menemani saya membakar bahan2 yang classified as private and confidential.

When Anjang was promoted,  she never says a word. Anyway, when I brought a piece of cloth meant for her uniform,  dalam demam2 she sent it to d tailor.  Tailor tu agak pilih kasih,  kalau mak saya yang cakap, seminggu pun boleh siap.

Other than that, I could see how frail my mother is.

Last Monday I took her to Teluk Intan. Beli groceries je pun cuma this time dia tak larat nak lama2. Resulted, we did not buy much.

Yesterday we went again. Partly sebab my mom suka pergi pasar and mainly,  last week kedai makan yang mak saya suka tu tutup...

ThIs time around Baby yang drive n we took Kayla along. Mommy was so happy.

We had brekkie kat kedai yang dia cakapkan tu. Memang sangattttt sedap pun. She ate a plateful of Rice, fried chicken n vege. Banyak la tu... Most of d time, mommy Xder selera pun.

Then, pergi pasar. When Kayla in tow, Perghhhhhhhhhhhh sudahnya saya belikan toys. Mommy as usual sangatla gembira.

After that, we headed to tf. She shopped with Baby. Saya lepak kat facial. First time saya perasan ada facial kat situ.

My mom was still happy when she finished doing groceries.  Cuma on the way home, bila Kayla tidur, she dozed off juga.

Sampai rumah barulah both of them terjaga.

We had lunch together. Grilled chicken, vege n tomato dip. Then, Anjang, Baby n Mak Long bid farewell.

Saya berbual dengan Acho sekejap,  ye lah.. Lama kot x jumpa...
Then, saya terpaksa kejutkan mak, kasi tau saya nak balik...

The thing is,  mak saya jarang sangat tidur waktu siang. Now seeing her in deep slumber in most afternoons,  saya sangat rasa sedih.

I know she is tired.
It makes me really treasure d quality time we spent together..

Friday, January 06, 2017


In December someone asked me to change place. No thanks.  Saya cakap tegas.

Dia telefon banyak kali, asking for a meet up. Kebetulan saya agak tidak lapang.  Saya tahu dia tidak gembira di tempatnya. Dia pernah pouring her hearts content cenggitu la katanya.. Mokcik dengar tapi dah lupakan, yang I learnt from Jie.

I know ALL her colleagues quite well. Semua pun ok saja. I know her well too, dia sangat competent. Sangat sangat.
But I believe after sometimes d mojo Just run dry.

Today I had ample time to sit back and watch the goings on.
I saw d long faces lot walked around me. Why is it so hard for them to divide their personal and profesional life?

Kaki wayang keep on boasting what he had accomplished and his friend praised him. Well,  baru semalam dat particular friend told me dia x suka mamat tu sebab suka mengelat hahhaha. Hari dia puji pulak
Ermmm... Intriguing.

I saw someone walked around with 'busy' stamped on his forehead padahal I know for a fact an important meeting was cancelled because he claimed 'I dont know' despite the meeting was written in Black n White in d yearly planner. This is the person yang ada masa nak nasihatkan orang ituini dalam dunia pekerjaan,  but kerja dia asyik menyusahkan orang saja.

ThIs morning someone asked me a silly question. I smirked and did not answer. 

When d program started he claimed dia x tau but he is willing to help. Halfway, he still claimed tak faham despite d messages in whatsapps group are loud n clear. Prior to d closure, I invited him personally, he didnt come,  which I really dont mind afterall he put on d wrong dress code.
With d honorable guests around, wrong dress code? What was he thinking?
But asking a silly question,  Seriously?????
Mokcik kenot brain this Okkkk..

Then, there a certain degree stupidity of a particular someone which annoyed me to d core. It started last year when she took over someone's task. Incompetent,  dats d only word I can think off. Unfortunately, instead of improve her efficiency,  gigih pula dia fikir macam babagus.. Hahhahaha
Ada pulak tu orang yang tolong backup.
Mak aihhh...  Sarkis apakah ini?
Another year of dealing with babagus person, saya fikir sangat tidak bagus untuk kerjaya saya.

So, there was I this morning....sit back and watched d goings on.

Then,  I took d lappie and went to see Yarn. Partly, to fix d  lappie problem, mainly to give d souvenirs from Korea. Punyalah lama, tapi Yarn tetap tabah menerima kelembapan Kak Izannya.
As usual Yarn taught me something New about d lappie thingy.
Now,  it really make my dayπŸ˜‚

On my way out I saw a friend's shoes outside. Means he was there. Dan dan saya teringat scandal last year. The lies he told me about wanting a colder place, d cold-shouldered treatment given by him when I need him d most, how he n his gang teamed-up and... Oh Goshhh... I could not...

even by writing it here, I still bring tears.
I thought time will heal, but tak sempat nak lupa he kept giving me more...
Another year? 😭😭😭

I went up and sit again. Trying to focus. I failed miserably. 

Yesterday I talked to a Him, telling him a Her wanted to swap. In between laughters, I told the Him to give whatever d Her wants so that she wont resort to post-delivery stress. Of course saya ceritakan perbualan saya dengan Him to Her, sambil ketawa juga. Mokcik telus macam air Laut Cina Selatan kekdahnya.
I wanted both of them to be happy.

The thing is, it rooted a year before. Her had told me,  at dat time I told her to be positive. Now d time has come, what she feared most unveiled.
In order to make both of them happy saya yang mesti beralah. Saya yang mesti mengambil the dispute thing.

Am I happy? Seeing both of them happy,  yes. Anyway I would be happier if both of them talk things out n open with their feelings to one another. Jadi tidaklah tetiap tahun isunya sama. Sampai bila?

 Despite I love both of them dearly, I think this yearly drama just wear me off. 
Mokcik sedehhh ok.

Last year when I told someone I need to get away,  she suggested I take up a hobby and going out more often. Do not think about work too much, katanya... Like?

Allah has a better plan. In December, we worked together. We shared a lot about our goings-on. I shared d events  I had to attend. The trip I made,  d shopping I had with my family members  n d girls-get together I had over d weekend.

"I tak sangka u macam ni. You are TOO nice", dia marah saya pulak dah.  Itu bukan pujian.  Memang dia marah betul sebab saya tak marah orang yang make national bench-marking blunder.hahahhahaha...

Saya fikir benda dah jadi,  buang masa saya pung pang pung pang. Since, dia tak akan berpeluang nak mengulanginya pada masa hadapan,  lagilah saya malas nak membazir tenaga dan emosi.  Kita chillex sudah. As long as d Kids untung, hal lain kita jangan peduli sangat,  itu prinsip mokcik hahhaha.

But then,  now dia kenal my true colours. There r times I was seen as Hard as a nail, but there r others yang saya peduli pun tidak hahahaha
Hopefully dia tau, mokcik serius nak lead a healthy life katanya..

Why do people think when u r unhappy at your workplace it is your own fault?
You are arrogant, bitchy, moody yadayada mereka kata..
Why they have to advise doing this n that, take up hobby, go travel,  mix a lot and d list goes on.

Why they judge without knowing d root of d problems?
Why cant they just err... Listen.

I might do that too.
To listen. 
I know ALL her colleagues quite well. Semua pun ok saja. I know her well too, dia sangat competent. Sangat sangat.
Bukan saya seorang saja yang cakap. Semua orang yang mengenalinya cakap begitu.
But I believe after sometimes,  dealing with incompetent people, d mojo just run dry.

Like her, I also came to d that point.
Kesabaran yang mokcik wayangkan dulu sudah habis katanya..πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Kalau palas katakan palas... Part 1

Prior to d event, someone reminded me jangan lupa bagitau bosses. Mokcik agak konpius di situ.

Bukan depa ke yg sign n disseminate d letter ke? Kalau dia x wayang lebih, mokcik relaks je kot, tapi bila gigih sangat nak cerita ngan orang dia x tahu menahu sebab tu dia TAK HADIR..  woooo tu sudah lebih...

So I took out d letter n all d relevant documents to prove that they OFFICIALLY KNEW N AWARE about d program.
D conversation ended there, tapi menjadi point penting dalam appraisal
" tidak mahu berkerjasama dengan rakan sekerja".

Untuk rekod, bukan program yg saya organised je dia x dtg, yg org lain buat pun dia x hadir juga. Bila orang tu komplen, terus dicop kaki melawan yadayada...
At least beliau adil dan tak pilih kasih hahahaha..

It went on for years, dan yang kurang berusaha bila saya ingatkan suruh laksanakan tanggungjawab,  mereka playing victims n pergi mengadu pula.
Jadi essay dalam appraisal tu pun bertambah panjang.

Since my utmost concern is d Kids, mokcik keraskan hati dan buat saja any program.

Meanwhile,  someone bisik lagi kata d boss tak tahu pasal event ni.
"Wud u please jangan menyampai2 cerita?  I snapped.
" I just told u saja..", dia kata.
"when d letter is adressed to u,  kalau cakap tak tau juga,  memang dasar pemalas la.. Only lazybump does that. Dia yang malas tapi bagi alasan tak tahu pulak. Kalau malas,  cakap sajalah malas tak perlu nak petik kata orang x bagitau pula." mokcik sgt bosan ok..
"mungkin dia bergurau..."  kawan tu cakap pula...
" not even funny ok n he did that before. Twice. With guests from higher ranks. Oh no.. Not again", saya memang sudah penat bermain wayang katanya...

Since mereka tak sudi berkerjasama dengan mokcik, jadi mokcik cari yang sudi je la...

It turned out yang sudi itu had bigger influence. Hahhahahhaha..
Jadi,  automatically yang dulu x pernah jenguk muka, kasi alasan itu ini bila diajak tapi ada hati minta laporan sebab nak masuk dalam file,  hahahhahaha tetiba ada masa pulak mencemar duli turut serta.

For dat I am so thankful.

Tak kuasa mokcik nak ungkit hal dulu2 eh...
I juz wrote a thank you note kat socmed sajalah.. Yang baik kita puji, yang menyakitkan hati kita tulis di blog, untuk tauladan, jangan sekali menganiaya orang dalam dunia pekerjaan ok

Kalau palas katakan palas
Jangan disabit daun kelapa
Kalau malas katakan malas
kita plak dibabit, dah kenapa?