Sunday, January 29, 2017


Mommy is still on holiday.
Yesterday I make it a point to prepare dinner for my bros
Steamed kerapu and vege tom yum. By d time nak dinner baru perasan nasi x masak lagi.  Syukur mereka bertabah makan dengan mee saja.

ThIs morning after Subuh, I prepared Grilled lamb.  Gigih mokcik bersilat subuh sepi-e coz after that I went back to -12A to weed d grass.

The 72-hole-golf-course-size lawn memang memerlukan kerja berhari2 baru siap. Bertabahlah...

Had a brief chat with my jiran belakang rumah. It is always fun talking to her.

I took d Chilli plants too, but by the time I finished trim d bourgainvila, it was almost 12. Mak saya pesan, jangan tanam pokok tengah hari.

Jadi saya masuk rumah, cuci kain n masak for lunch.
Maggie Mee? No way...
I had cucur manis for lunch. Upmarket ok😂

While watching tv ( or it is d other way around) I read a book. Thatcher book. I like it so much tapi berat...
Later after Zohor I chose a Kinsella book, before I dozed off.

It was raining again, hancurlah impian nak gardening. ☔

So I continued reading.
Then, I realised I m supposed to do groceries n promised dinner with my bro.

On my way to #18 I stopped@econsave n bought a bird, yellow onions, potatoes,  3 packets of shandong groundnuts n 2 packets of vochelle.

It was 7pm when I reached home.
Locked as usual. Acho came back Couple of minutes later, followed by Arif n Jo.

Tonight we had grilled chicken with tomatoes dip.
I love lemon Grilled chicken better tapi tangan saya luka2 sebab memangkas pokok bunga kertas siang tadi.
Bila kena asid, sangatla pedih.
I made a pot of Lychee Tea. Sedap gilerrr..
Tapi, derang x minum pun. Cess..

Not that I  complaining.

 Pokok bunga kertas tu sangat cantik dan saya suka warnanya. If I m not mistaken Dr Hani yang tanam, nostalgia betul.
It just that I planned to paint d fence jadi kenala pokok tu dipangkas kot tak tersangkut kepala...

Oh Goshhh...
It reminds me...
There r too many things to do.

The paint can wait.
Right now I enjoyed cooking for my brothers more.

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