Tuesday, January 24, 2017


The project is in quest to make into Malaysian Book of RECORDS. It kicked off late in 2016.  I posted in d group, looked like no one was interested.
Mereka bizi 😂

Each district is required to do 200pcs.  I can always give excuses or pin point people but from d start I took up d Ketua Derjah challenge I promised to give my best.

Since my year-end holiday was full with Ketua Derjah Kelab Drama task, I can only started doing it with d Kids last Friday. Since d school resumed,  I hardly can find free time with d Kids.
Mereka tu yang bizi sangat, mokcik ok😂

Do u know that in order to teach u must know what u r teaching?
Mengajar d Kids doing d golliwog and urged them to reach d target at d same time is very challenging.

There were 23 Kids present, but after 2 hours yang siap hanyalah less than 15. Jiha n Tasha stayed back.

I can see Jiha tried to do the most. I m grateful for that. I think she understands my predicament more than anyone does😢

Luckily Jun promised to do with her charge. Yippee!! Dayah also said she is interested.
Terus hati mokcik flowery katanya.

Mokcik percaya,  bila kita usahakan sesuatu kerana yang di atas sana, Dia akan hulurkan bantuan dalam bentuk yang tak tercapai oleh akal.

How I wished  d target will b achieved n we will be in MBR.


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