Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Seribu tahun takkan sama

Technically I m going to rant about yesterday event. See, it is 2.30a.m n I still wide awake.
I've been worried sick about...

Like,  d event which I havent prepare, if I did not, nobody will. Then, when the things done, people will ask, "Kenapa tak bahagikan tugas?, kenapa buat sorang?"
It juz failed to understand what kind of ' bahagikan tugas' they r referring to. If everyone executes their OWN task,  I wont have to bear it alone.

And the teaching materials I meant to prepare.  Or d ones I meant to download buat there was no Internet connection.  It is such a hassle to go to d lab on my free time. Definitely a no no.

And d fact that I made an appointment on Feb 1St, forgetting that I have promise a switch with a friend.  Oh no.

And maybe about things in general.
About events I have to plan.
About #12A maintenance
about the golf tournament haha

What is life without worries huh?
On something unrelated,  mommy came back yesterday.  Unnoticed.
Very typical of my sister to do that.

Guess d house was locked,  as I went out early after prepared brekkie n lunch, in one go. A man came while I was drying d laundry, asking Acho for a look whether his farm can be excavated or not.
EXCAVATED ok, tu yg beria mokcik pasang telinga.
I guess Acho went out after brekkie too.

Or maybe,  this is d real worrisome thingy.
When u can drive, why should u burden others to take u around?
In my humble opinion it is Just not nice.
It created much tense for others.

Maybe that's it.
People just took things for granted.
They forget to ask. Forget to discuss. Forget to notify. Forget to b nice.
Worst. They forget that others have life too.


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