Friday, January 06, 2017


In December someone asked me to change place. No thanks.  Saya cakap tegas.

Dia telefon banyak kali, asking for a meet up. Kebetulan saya agak tidak lapang.  Saya tahu dia tidak gembira di tempatnya. Dia pernah pouring her hearts content cenggitu la katanya.. Mokcik dengar tapi dah lupakan, yang I learnt from Jie.

I know ALL her colleagues quite well. Semua pun ok saja. I know her well too, dia sangat competent. Sangat sangat.
But I believe after sometimes d mojo Just run dry.

Today I had ample time to sit back and watch the goings on.
I saw d long faces lot walked around me. Why is it so hard for them to divide their personal and profesional life?

Kaki wayang keep on boasting what he had accomplished and his friend praised him. Well,  baru semalam dat particular friend told me dia x suka mamat tu sebab suka mengelat hahhaha. Hari dia puji pulak
Ermmm... Intriguing.

I saw someone walked around with 'busy' stamped on his forehead padahal I know for a fact an important meeting was cancelled because he claimed 'I dont know' despite the meeting was written in Black n White in d yearly planner. This is the person yang ada masa nak nasihatkan orang ituini dalam dunia pekerjaan,  but kerja dia asyik menyusahkan orang saja.

ThIs morning someone asked me a silly question. I smirked and did not answer. 

When d program started he claimed dia x tau but he is willing to help. Halfway, he still claimed tak faham despite d messages in whatsapps group are loud n clear. Prior to d closure, I invited him personally, he didnt come,  which I really dont mind afterall he put on d wrong dress code.
With d honorable guests around, wrong dress code? What was he thinking?
But asking a silly question,  Seriously?????
Mokcik kenot brain this Okkkk..

Then, there a certain degree stupidity of a particular someone which annoyed me to d core. It started last year when she took over someone's task. Incompetent,  dats d only word I can think off. Unfortunately, instead of improve her efficiency,  gigih pula dia fikir macam babagus.. Hahhahaha
Ada pulak tu orang yang tolong backup.
Mak aihhh...  Sarkis apakah ini?
Another year of dealing with babagus person, saya fikir sangat tidak bagus untuk kerjaya saya.

So, there was I this morning....sit back and watched d goings on.

Then,  I took d lappie and went to see Yarn. Partly, to fix d  lappie problem, mainly to give d souvenirs from Korea. Punyalah lama, tapi Yarn tetap tabah menerima kelembapan Kak Izannya.
As usual Yarn taught me something New about d lappie thingy.
Now,  it really make my day😂

On my way out I saw a friend's shoes outside. Means he was there. Dan dan saya teringat scandal last year. The lies he told me about wanting a colder place, d cold-shouldered treatment given by him when I need him d most, how he n his gang teamed-up and... Oh Goshhh... I could not...

even by writing it here, I still bring tears.
I thought time will heal, but tak sempat nak lupa he kept giving me more...
Another year? 😭😭😭

I went up and sit again. Trying to focus. I failed miserably. 

Yesterday I talked to a Him, telling him a Her wanted to swap. In between laughters, I told the Him to give whatever d Her wants so that she wont resort to post-delivery stress. Of course saya ceritakan perbualan saya dengan Him to Her, sambil ketawa juga. Mokcik telus macam air Laut Cina Selatan kekdahnya.
I wanted both of them to be happy.

The thing is, it rooted a year before. Her had told me,  at dat time I told her to be positive. Now d time has come, what she feared most unveiled.
In order to make both of them happy saya yang mesti beralah. Saya yang mesti mengambil the dispute thing.

Am I happy? Seeing both of them happy,  yes. Anyway I would be happier if both of them talk things out n open with their feelings to one another. Jadi tidaklah tetiap tahun isunya sama. Sampai bila?

 Despite I love both of them dearly, I think this yearly drama just wear me off. 
Mokcik sedehhh ok.

Last year when I told someone I need to get away,  she suggested I take up a hobby and going out more often. Do not think about work too much, katanya... Like?

Allah has a better plan. In December, we worked together. We shared a lot about our goings-on. I shared d events  I had to attend. The trip I made,  d shopping I had with my family members  n d girls-get together I had over d weekend.

"I tak sangka u macam ni. You are TOO nice", dia marah saya pulak dah.  Itu bukan pujian.  Memang dia marah betul sebab saya tak marah orang yang make national bench-marking blunder.hahahhahaha...

Saya fikir benda dah jadi,  buang masa saya pung pang pung pang. Since, dia tak akan berpeluang nak mengulanginya pada masa hadapan,  lagilah saya malas nak membazir tenaga dan emosi.  Kita chillex sudah. As long as d Kids untung, hal lain kita jangan peduli sangat,  itu prinsip mokcik hahhaha.

But then,  now dia kenal my true colours. There r times I was seen as Hard as a nail, but there r others yang saya peduli pun tidak hahahaha
Hopefully dia tau, mokcik serius nak lead a healthy life katanya..

Why do people think when u r unhappy at your workplace it is your own fault?
You are arrogant, bitchy, moody yadayada mereka kata..
Why they have to advise doing this n that, take up hobby, go travel,  mix a lot and d list goes on.

Why they judge without knowing d root of d problems?
Why cant they just err... Listen.

I might do that too.
To listen. 
I know ALL her colleagues quite well. Semua pun ok saja. I know her well too, dia sangat competent. Sangat sangat.
Bukan saya seorang saja yang cakap. Semua orang yang mengenalinya cakap begitu.
But I believe after sometimes,  dealing with incompetent people, d mojo just run dry.

Like her, I also came to d that point.
Kesabaran yang mokcik wayangkan dulu sudah habis katanya..🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

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