Monday, February 06, 2017

Another year older katanya... Part tres😂

Bila bangun pagi next to Saffa, Wehhh there is a certain happiness which I could not describe.
When she was 3 Saffa n Saffi spent half a year with us. now she is 16!!! Mak Andak pun bertambah tua juga hahhahaha...

She came back after CNY break. Too bad, could not spend much time with Saffa lately.

Rushed to d workplace n am on duty. I gave d sweets containers to d early birds. Of course to my favourite makcik kantin and The Other Friend n The Old Friend too.

I hope they like it, dan makan sambil doakan hidup saya pun akan manis juga. Anyway, d looked on d Kids faces bila dpt hadiah x disangka were priceless!!

On a diff perspective I hope this year I would end d Lindungan Kaabah lot bully for good.

I think I have take enough measure for damage control. Kesabaran yang saya wayangkan selama ini memang tidak bersisa.

Besides,  today I collected fee from student to replace d missing important document. D Kids were not happy but I told them d documents were supposed to be submitted in November 2016. In January when I could not find it, I have talk to d person-in-charge, n d notice were sent out.  Kalau sampai sekarang masih tiada, no way dokumen itu akan muncul lagi, unless...

My bet,  d culprit akan naik hangin. N d backstabbing will kick off again. Sumpah, saya tak mahu layan drama lagi, so I rendered d facts to d Kids. Save time.😂

On something really sweet.
Upon knowing that today is my birthday, Yong terus open table. She paid for all of us.
Melampau kot...

"Happy birthday Kak", dia cakap n  saya tersengih n berlari-lari pergi sebab dapat makan free.


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