Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Friends are...

Someone sent private message, asking why I looked so Errr... Extra-large in one of d pics uploaded by a friend who tagged me. Yes, d cotton dress really makes me a big on d plus size hehe, for which I really dont mind. I joked about it n laughed.  Thats d end of it. Dia cakap something quite, ermmm hurtful.
I laughed.
Thanks to d ever-ready noob emoticon😂

It dawned to me though, maybe that is d reason why our friendships came to a halt. I wondered, what gave her rights to say something as awful as that.

Oh maybe its me.
I juz could not fathom why people said something hurtful in d name of teasing. I might understand if we r besties, d banter is much welcome.

But we havent speak to one another for years!
Nope. Nothing personal

D last time we met, it ended with hugs n kisses. Then, we went our separate way. Nothing personal.  Cest la vie

Maybe the problem lies in d feeling to outdo others.
I remembered we joked, whose name mentioned first bila ada orang kirim salam. Kalau came second or third, kita akan buat muka kecewa. Gurau je kot...
But for years she took it seriously n bragged bila old friends kirim salam or called.

Someone told me, dia tak tahan listened to her bermegah2  (ayat kawan tu) sebab g shopping kat err Ikea.
😂 😂

She was so hard up to show that she is likeable and easy to work with. She bent rules, to others she looked acah2 suci, tapi bila akaun tak tally,  mokcik yang kena kot. Resulted, when she left,  someone found stack of money and things which supposed given to d Kids.
Patutla akaun tak tally...

Kalau saya pun buat stail dia, buat study group kutuk orang sambil acah2 maksum, memang sampai hujung nyawa kami akan bermasam muka.
Kalau saya pun macam dia,  kat depan orang selamba je degrading orang, mau kena santau kot hahahhahaha

I never report or say anything about it not because I tried to appear nice to others. I wont do that. It is Just that, I failed to see what good it will bring considering duit n barangan tu dah terlewat 2,3 tahun rasanya... Buang masa...

But again, after years apart she still eager to contact only to say something so uncalled for. Apakah?

Ironically, all this while she never likes or leave comment.
Tetiba ada gambor mokcik gumuk,  gigih pulak nak komen acah2 sangat mengambil berat.

Sungguh mokcik kagumi konfidensinya.
She never shares my happiness yet, sibuk pulak nak jaga tepi kain.

Oh ya... Dalam gigih sangat tu,  idak pula dia wish happy birthday Hahahahahhahahahah

What problem u?


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