Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mom&me time

My mom's health really deteriorating from day to day. Whenever I came back after work, she was sleeping.  So I did not talk to her at all  during weekday. It always sad not to spend time much.  Since I have promise to help Neah every morning,  harus saya keraskan hati n went back to #12A without waking my mom up.

Today, I woke up early because I dont hv to help Neah on weekends. I asked mommy if she wants outing. She said yes.

While waiting for me to finish cuci kain n kemas rumah,  my mom siram pokok sayurannya. Dats y she is exhausted in d afternoon, semua benda my mom nak buat.

We went to Teluk Intan. Have lunch at Ramli's@CityMewah.  She had grilled chicken and kerabu tauge. I had omelette n ulam2.  RM10.50 je. We shared air sirap n lauk tu jugak. Last time kitaorang makan x habis, dats y kali ni ambik lauk ala kadar je.

Then,  she bought salty fish. Saya tunggu dalam kereta. On d way out, we stopped at snack store. She chose Cadbury sweets n marukku.  I bought 3 boxes of shandong peanuts only.

Next, RM2 zone. Actually kitaorang taknak beli apa2, tapi she bought  an orange basket. I bought 7 packets of Faster Red pens n fancy cellotapes.

Then we went to Tf. A bag of 10 kg Rice, 3 birds, cabbage, ginger, biscuits and 4 tins of Marigold Milk later, kitaorang pun balik.

It is always pleasure outing with my mother. We talked about lots of things.
There r always things I do not know happened around me...

Like there is a couple rented a 'bathroom' for RM100 per Month. Like seriously???

" Lama dah... Dekat 6 bulan ada kot... ", mak saya cerita.
Dah 6 bulan baru dia cerita, actually Makcik Jah n her saw d couple carried a lot of things with motorcycle back then. They were flabbergasted!

But no. They did no offer help as d couple was chase out by d family. Both my mom n makcik Jah old enough to know not to interfere in family dispute.

The husband did come to my bro asking for job. But there was no vacancy.

It was..
I remembered one day Ms Bingit ( I think this name is quite cute) told us,  how she n her husband had helped d couple. She mentioned abt d things she bought for them n all. Anyway, at dat time she blamed d family though.

I m not 100% sure she referred to d same person, but if it is, goshhhhhh... why taking sides when u do not have d whole picture?

Nope. I did not tell my mom about it.
There must b a solid reason y Makcik Jah n her kept mum about it..

That is one of d many reasons why I love going out with my mom.
Despite she slept throughout d Journey...


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