Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday surprise

D invite was sent out yesterday. As usual, if it comes from someone who always help me out in d past, rain or shine, I will come.
It is a Charity event organised by Majlis Belia Daerah Muallim.
I like them all, jadi mokcik datang mainly sebab memenuhi jemputan, partly to discuss future events with Dayah.
Fruitful morning!!!
Ni gambo...

Once d event ended, I drove off to Subang. Today is d last day. I parked outside n mounted up d hill. Pheww...
Since I was alone, I made a new friend. Kot x jgn harap saya nak berbual. Shuk n I gigih beratur n mintak signature Gavin Green
Ni gambo.

Then we took free pic from Canon booth. Chances r we will never meet again. So I puť d pic here, in case our path will cross again, he is Shuk, a golfer from Sect 7, S.A.

After d prize giving I went straight home. I know Jie is busy, so I only met him briefly on my way out, to thank his generosity.
We parted amicably, he did not offer to send me to d parking site yang bapakkkkkk la jauh tu. That is to show how busy he was.

"LAPARRR" saya sent message bila dah sampai highway. D thing is I was so stArving. It was 4p.m.
"Tadi taknak cakap. Lainkali janganlah malu2 hehehe", Jie balas.
Yg ni pun saya tulis kat sini. Untuk peringatan di masa depan. Saya bukan malu, tapi rasa sgt improper nak ganggu orang tengah busy. He might treat me lunch at Terrace, but d idea of makan celah orang kayo dengan t-shirt biru ni, is not appealing. Dahla mahall. Haishhhh..

Zela called while I was on the way. She was one of my besties in Uni. I havent meet her for 15 years?
Jadi saya rushed, so that she can stop by. They rode superbike. Like Wow!!
Luckily,  polis depan rumah came home with his superbike. Maka teruslah suami Zela pergi rumah depan dan bersembang bagai nak rak, despite tu la first time derang jumpa. Terus saya dan Zela bersembang tak berhenti2 Tau2 dah masuk waktu Maghrib.
The thing with besties, despite long pauses,  we can always catch up from where we stop.
I sincerely hope Zela will drop by again.

We bid goodbye after Maghrib prayer. Zela n husband had jemaah prayer. It is very Zela to choose someone for his faith rather than anything else.

Today is full of surprises.

First, I was told that d MBD boss insisted Dayah invited me. I m flattered. That might be million of external reasons, but still, I m flattered.

Second, it is amazing how u can survive when u attended a big event alone. Not easy but I m in d process of training myself to adapt n socialize during event. Reason being, ermmmm I will tell when d time comes. Doa2kanlah...

Third, Zela of all people... Normally I m quite reluctant to have guest at #12A.  I prefer to meet at neutral ground. But It's Zela ok.

We never close during undergrads.
When we did Dip Ed, she became my housemate, but we never went to class together, yet we r besties. Once we started teaching, we sent letters, long letters n emails.
Then, we lost contact. Suddenly,  she was at my doorstep. Goshhh!!!

I think bila kita bersahabat tanpa syarat, tidak taking one another for granted, tidak gigih nak over-shadow kawan, persahabatan akan kekal hingga ke hujung nyawa.

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