Saturday, February 11, 2017

Yesterday Once More

It is hugeeeee.
Was thinking of watching d first flight ( ni ke spellingnya eh?) but Jie said he might b busy at dat time so he suggested 10 a.m.
Wokeh, kita follow time host sajalah..

Ina n I circling around d hotel bcoz d guards  were everywhere. No parking as well. Luckily,  Jie waited at d country club entrance, hopped in n we got members' parking space. That was after stopped twice by d different guards. On both account I can see Jie was irritated.
"Members x pakai kereta cap ayam kot",  sebab tu kena tahan,  I guessed dat was d reason.

He gave us tour. In the entrance camp ( or whatever they called it) there r tournament paraphrlia  goodies on sale. I was more interested in d cambodean woven silk though. Well, beyond my budget ok..

We went to d Clubhouse where it packed with golf enthusiasts. Bumped into Ina's aunt n her friend.
What a small World, she is Jie's friend too.

Later Jie took us to d vip marquee, which cost half a million. Pheww..  Of course,  it is out of my reach. Dah nama pun vip kan..

Jie took us to terrace instead. He asked for drinks, but we declined as I know he might be super busy entertaining people.

Then we parted n spend time with Ina's aunt. They asked about Jie, which I simply said I have no idea. For years, Jie n I never talk about our personal life. Mengadu hal kerjaya tu x personal sgt kot...

Aunt: cuba tanya satu flight brp.
Me: dia ckp Rm290 on weekday all in.
Aunt: wuishhh mahall. Cuba tanya kalau harga kawan2 brp?
Me: seganla auntie, I give u his number. Auntie tanyalah..
Aunt: ala... U tanya lah...

Honestly, this is something yang seumur hidup saya tak pernah buat dengan Jie. He gave everything freely, if he could without asking. Awkward betul saya nak mintak2 ni..

Turns out d normal price is RM450.
"RM290 IS MY RATE" Jie jawab few mins later.
Hahaha... Now I hope auntie tu faham why I was so reluctant. Hahaha...

Aunties had flight at 2pm jadi mereka gerak at 12 noon. Ina n I had krispy donut before acah2 roaming d club.

It was spectacular event. Kot ikut hati saya nak duduk situ sampai malam..  But we hv other mission too.

So I texted Jie, beritahu nak balik. See.. I could always go to d car Park n terus balik. But with people like Jie, pr kena jaga.  Hahaha...

"Come ai treat u lunch" Jie texted.
Lunch Mee goreng tiga ploh hengget n ais lemon tea lapan hengget segelas. No wayyy..
Besides, nak masuk ke terrace pun ada guard yg jaga n tanya members or not.
So boleh bayangkan betapa awkwardnya mkn dicelah2 golfers n club members yang tidak sekufu itu.
Again...  I turned down, despite Jie tunggu kat pintu terrace.

That was not d reason though. The things is, sejak bertahun2 dah acap kali sgt saya pau Jie. Mahal plak tu... BEh.

We went home though...
It reminds me, we hv been friends for Errr years... Tapi even if I tried,  saya tak mungkin dapat terbang sama tinggi dengan Jie.

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