Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jumper part 2

Katakanlah ini semua mimpi.
I just couldnt believe my luck when TheOtherFriend texted he brings d jumper. Took me some times to compose myself. Yes, m referring to those unfortunate years of.....  (fill in d blank)

Everything comes with a price norizan adnan. Thats what I keep telling myself. Call me ungrateful, suspicious-kind-of-person but it is good if I always on guard, or else d history will be repeated.

I went home n tried to open d hood. To no avail. Jo n Acho were not home.  Yeah right...

Lady luck was looking down maybe, Zana n d gang were having lunch at d stall opposite #17. She came out to move her car.

Asked her to help me out..
"Saya tak pernah buat Kak...", dia kata. So we both tried n wallah... Both hoods terbuka.

Terer Zana ni..
Jadi we tried clip d jumper.  Zana yang terer lebih. I was flabbergasted as last Saturday masa suami Ayu tu buat saya tengah melayan geng baju biru tu bercakap.  Saya tak ingat macam mana nak kepit jumper tu.

But Zana knows, n d preve came to life in a shortwhile. Terus saya hugs Zana ala2 adele menang grammy Awards katanya...

Talked to mommy for a while. She was clad in telekung,  recite Yasin. It was 3P.m. The time Nick entered operation theater...
I bid goodbye n rushed to service centre.

It costs me rm570.
Ohhhh Goshhh. D battery itself was rm300.
D week before I paid RM720 for registration fee, sebab ada org x datang so kena bayar juga. I doubt I will get my money back.
D week before that,  I paid rm130 for students registration fee. We were asked to 'donate' RM100 for d event too.
It has been two weeks, despite I had sent d claim form,  up to today nobody pay me anything.

In 2015, I was promised some money for a program. Up to now RM700 was still not paid. When I asked, saya pulak kena tegur sebab tak follow up.  Saya fikir kalau kita dah submit claim form,  send in all d receipt n paperwork,  dan remind them 2,3 times cukuplah.. Boy,  I was wrong!!!!

All these money matter flashed on my mind when I foot d bill.
There will be 2 weeks before next payday.

How could SHE survive?
To be continued....

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