Monday, March 20, 2017

P for petulant

When we were much younger, I remembered Jie called me excitedly asking me to catch prime time news because he was on tv. Gilerrr..

Takkanlah saya percaya kot. I did not watch it, but later told by friends he looked simply dashing on tv.

Over d years, he appeared more on tv n newspapers, so I started appreciating people around me more. They might look like you, talk to you about things like you do,  but  lead a life you dream of gitu.

Thanks to Jie too, I never feel intimidated talking to anyone despite their social status, kau kayo raya pun belum tentu ada single handicap,  gitu kekdahnya. Mokcik pun takder jugakkkk..

Maybe that is why, when mingled with Ketua Derjahs, I treated them with respects  but not to d point being a doormat. I remained low-key because I think outside their easy-going manner and the-guys-next-door approach they might be somebody famous and high achiever. The least I want to do is tunjuk poyo tak bertempat.

Gila panjang intro.

So,  few days ago Tri texted d calling letter. I was supposed to attend a meeting. To be honest, saya baca sepintas lalu.

Since I was asked to represent an organisation,  haruslah saya buat homework what I am going to say n what attire I should Puť on gitu. Yang tu saya belajar dari Tony Fernandez with his famous Red cap. Why waste on costly advertisements when u can advertise ur product by Puť it on anywhere you go.

It turned out saya salah baca. Instead of meeting, it was penyerahan watikah pelantikan yadayada, which made d choice of attire seemed a bit err... sloppy. I could not go back n get the right uniform though. So be it...

I came late. Yg tu tak semenggah la...
I was d only one yg beria pakai baju organisation. Yang lain pakai baju kerja.  I dont mind. That was my training, promoted d organisation.

Since itu majlis penyampaian watikah, saya simpan semua soalab yang saya nak tanya. Salah mejlis.

I know few of them. They r very good n efficient. Besides, semua yang hadir pun is d Ketua Derjah representing various organisations.

There was informal discussion. Ookk...

There is one Lady, who kept bragging about her organisation. There is a fine line between confident n arrogant, saya fikir dia dah masuk ke bahagian kedua. Mungkin secara tak sengaja.

Di hujung tu, dia single out other people n kecam. At first,  saya rasa nak pijak muka dia menegur sikapnya,  then I realised....

Ni majlis penyampaian watikah je kot....
😂 what problem yu?

Then, discussion about program. As usual camping is in d list.

"Camping mestilah ada Pertandingan", dat Lady jawab dengan garang  bila mokcik tanya, wat kind of camping they have in mind.

It tells a lot about her character though. Malaysian in general.  Bila camping je mesti nak bertanding. 3 hari 2 malam fikir macam mana nak outdo orang lain. What a life!!!

Why cant we meet to make friends?
3 hari 2 malam build strong friendships?
3 hari 2 malam appreciate the nature?
3 hari 2 malam nurture love and affection.

Somehow, I m glad knowing someone like Jie. Tak pernah sekali pun dia berbangga dengan kejayaan dia melainkan dia kata, " I was jus Lucky,  maybe   "

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