Monday, March 27, 2017

Power Struggle!!!

I attended an AGM recently. Sebab di hujung nak bergosip,  better not say what AGM la..

2 days prior to d event, someone was very down. Few people gave words of encouragements. Me too. Except I pm saja lah.

Few hours later, someone was a bit unhappy about d incident. I did not pm. I am sure it will b storm in a teacup.

It is true though. During d agm, everyone was in good spirit n work hand in hand. They did not hugs n kisses, but all d things simply forgotten.

But then something else happen.
Ohhhh nooooo...
D motion to re-elect the committee was not appealing to the chairperson. In fact beliau sangat furious as it is against the constitution.

There was a solution tapi saya x mo tulis, nanti ada hint pula...

While mostly everyone received it with clear conscience,  I think one person took it well... not very positive.

Dia sangat bagus dulu, tapi tawards AGM tahap kipasannya semakin bertambah. I juz dont get it. Dia bagus dan berbakat. Dia tak perlu buat begitu untuk naik ke atas.

Lately,  dia menjadi jurucakap the leader.
Dia protect d leader melampau2 to d point being rude to others. Dulu dia tak macam tu. Untuk kali kedua saya tulis, dia tak perlu pun buat begitu untuk naik.

It saddened me though how someone I know changed to someone I dont.
Tapi saya masih lagi memeluknya bila berjumpa,  despite all d things yang dia buat.

Saya fikir, kalau sesiapa sahaja inginkan kuasa, tak payahla sampai memadamkan lilin orang lain supaya nampak lilin kita bersinar terang. Tak perlulah kemain nak marah orang yang buat d leader unhappy. Tak perlu kot nak jadi spoke person.

all u hv to do is ask.
Just tell everyone why you deserve to be on top. Kan senang....

Ce tengok KJ. Relaks je dia tawarkan diri.
Then look at FAM President.  He knows he can deliver. Why not?

Nak kipas2,  outdo others,  being rude is so yesterday.

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