Sunday, April 30, 2017

Green Green Grass

Itu hari rumput rumah orang sebelah pun panjang juga, jadi mokcik tenang menerima halaman rumah seadanya. On Saturday morning I noticed d neighbour's lawn had been mowed.

Haruslah mokcik bergegas berkemas apa yang patut pronto! 

Yesterday I could not do much. Fatigue.
This morning I went out before 7 and finished at 9.45a.m.

It is far from finish though. Yeah a 72-hole-size lawn would take days to clean up on my snail-pace. 

Since a month ago I had asked Joe n Acho to come but both of them said they could not make it. Yeah riteeee...

I need d exercise though so instead of indulge in self-pity, I took it as a circuit-breaker-workout ke apa nama tu..

Sesambil weeding d grass I did HIIT-workouts tu.. Entah betul entah tidak step, belasahhh je..

For brekkie I made this 
Porridge with steamed spinach and anchovies. 

Kot x kurus juga, x tau la....

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