Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sakit itu penghapus dosa:) ( entry bosan, jangan baca)

Since Friday, I had been under d weather. Hujan turun mencurah, jalan banjir, mokcik kena reroute n drove like a maniac using an alternative way which was reported banjir juga d night before.

Orang lain relaks je using d same route despite had alternate using d middle lane. Pengalaman kawan2 mokcik sewaktu banjir besar kat Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam in circa 90s made me extra careful.

It was raining d whole day. Terus mokcik menggigil. But on Saturday there is an event. I can always back off, tapi mokcik faham betapa seksanya my immediate bosses kalau tetiba guests x cukup n they r lack manpower to handle d event.

A day before that, Kak A board a train to send d Girls for a camp out of the town n she rushed back (by train too) to catch d rehearsals. I could see her tired face, n d boss worrisome expression fearing d Girls safety as no one can make it as a chaperone n thinking about d smoothness of d event which graced by the Royal Patron herself.

Dont get me wrong, so far d Royal Patron sangat sangat mudah berkerjasama dan menyenangkan . That is why my bosses bertahan pegang jawatan tu bertahun2 padahal saya yang balaci ni pun ada kala rasa tak terkejar nak siapkan tugasan.

Honestly, d boss had asked all of us to b d chaperone as they two have to handle d event. Unfortunately,  we couldnt, due to our hectic work schedule.

When we met at d entrance in d morning, we hugged n kissed like nothing happen. I know they r tired, tapi semua pun tersenyum gilang gemilang bima sakti.

"I can fetch d Girls esok Kak, as it is public holiday on Monday", mokcik offered.
As I wrote up there, they did most of d work during event, haruslah mokcik n others bantu seboleh yg mungkin.

"No need la.  Besok we both can go", she said, smiling. Yes she had Kids too, Just like u. She had ailing mother n husband to spend time with.
Just like u.
They dont take people for granted.

It is good though,  as d torential rain on my 2-hours Journey home made me shiverish even more.

Guessed d saw my feverish condition yesterday.  It warmed my heart because they really care n dont judge.

Sengaja saya tulis panjang dan tak letak gambar, hopefully by now whoever read this entry will click d X.

While writing this I cried bucket. Nope, Nope because of d feverish, sudden pain n cramp, those can be healed with painkillers😭😭😭

Dearest blog,
Suddenly I noticed TheOtherFriend had repeat his pattern.  He had been nothing except funny n caring friend with all his texts,  clips n pics.
After banyak kali terkena,  d final blow memang left me scarred for life.

I know I shouldnt think bad about others. As a true Muslim, we should love our brothers. I tried my best. God knows I tried😭😭😭😭

Then suddenly I found out on April 6 he sent text to our immediate boss,
"I couldnt contact Norizan, she didnt bring d handphone today.  So here is my suggestions for today meeting".

Maybe I did not bring d handphone on that day. Maybe sometimes I was short of data, or my batt conked out.
But he could contact me freely on various accounts. He did. We always keep in touch.

Why couldnt he informed me on d crucial matter as there r only two of us in d committee. It has been 16 days after his text to d boss, n two meetings later (which he failed to inform me his suggestions)  pun dia masih x ada niat to let me in d know. D event is less than 4 days.

A week ago, d upper echelon asked me, "Why do you carry on with the  Xxx?"

You see, it is in d schedule, n I had been off to take Kids for trips for 2 days, mestilah saya nak ganti masa yang tersisa tu...n I thought TheOtherFriend will b back during d event.

He always does, on Friday.

I just know he will be away until Friday last Friday.

Kalau saya tau awal, dari awal lagi saya took over his task.

 I used to do it, but he never seemed never remember, instead dia pergi sent text as I was a slacker.
Kan dia boleh bagi text kat fb or telegram as I could open it guna lappie.

Why sending msg as though saya ini sgt jahat dan tidak mahu berkerjasama.

D text message made me shaking.
The question keep nagging. Why He chose me to endure d backstabbing for years.

I wonder what his motive to continue playing dirty while maintaining friendly on d surfaced.

All d yesteryears incident with TheOtherFriend keep coming back.

Why oh why???
Perlu ke nak buat macam tu to show to others dia sangat hebat???  Sangat-sangat sampai sanggup buat apa saja.
Kenapa berpura2?

Please, it might be a mere harmless text message today,  tapi from experience he will manipulate it

Dearest blog,
Dont ask me to confront him. Matter will get worst, I just couldnt take it anymore. Besides, event-cap-ayam je, kenapa dia beria sangat nak buat begitu.
Bukan sekali... Saya sungguh tak tahan

D bigger event as I wrote up there, takder pun orang sebok nak outdo one another.

Well, I stayed in hostel for whole my secondary life, no one bullied me. When I was in Uni, everyone was so nice,  even d lecturers called us Dears.

When I started working,  d kakak-kakak were very supportive n thoughtful.

I've been d Ketua Derjah for 4 posts so far, no one ever treated me badly. Maybe in d beginning yes, who wants Ketua yang jauh lebih muda dari mereka. In d end, semua pun hugs n kisses n now we r fast friends.


Oh maybe dat is his way, n he expected me not to judge.
I will..

I will not TheOtherFriend.
Buatlah apa saja.  Dont worry, I wont retaliate.  I wont ask either.

Meanwhile, I just want to sleep.

Good night TheOtherFriend
Hopefully bila bangun esok, kita berdua tidak akan berjumpa lagi, sehinggalah di Hari Perkiraan.


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