Sunday, April 09, 2017

Site visit. I make it happen.

Someone texted,  when can we have site visit? Dia tanya..

Whats wrong with people? Celah ni la semua nak ber-site visit.

Monday or Tuesday?  mokcik tanya, as hari lain, show penuh,  cessss...

Dia picked d date. So by right haruslah mokcik prepared apa yg patut...

I did,  in January I have asked big Bro, Fid n Tie for suggestions.  I even talked to d boss, at great length. Then in February, there was a programme conducted by ehemmmm.. KK..

Redundant kot...

"Buatla jugak...", boss bisikkan. By noon d sponsor Tanya bila boleh organised meet up.
Saya on saja.  In fact I really love working with them.

I hope d meeting will go well.

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