Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sungguh? part 4

Lepas diskas pung pang pung pang, one n half an hour later we came to unanimous decision. Mereka pushy, mokcik pun 2x5 je. It was not that easy.
Tapi nanti yg untung d Kids juga, so mokcik redha..

We had lunch.
Talk about what-nots n later bid goodbye.
I like working closely with them so much, because I can speak up gitteeeeewwww...

I went back to d staffroom only to remember..
Gosh...I forgot to leave worksheet for d children.

I felt so guilty, for a while.  Then someone told me d Kids had motivational talk. Aminnn...

It was d the time d phone beeped.

THE host. Again...😨😨

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