Wednesday, May 17, 2017

16 May

There were times I looked forward for Teacher's Day. 🍀
Not this year though.

On my way out yesterday, I found a bundle adressed to me. Ballots for 2017/2020 Election.

Today I spent whole my free time meeting people, distributing and collecting the blue paper. Currently, we have 30 members.

Bukan ramai mana, all are very co-operative. Cuma nak mencari merata tu mokcik tak larat.

By 11a.m after Dhuha, mokcik melepek kepenatan. Puasa katanya...

It is tedious.
I checked my to do list. Few I had to sacrifice to give way to thIs polling thingy.
Not good.

at 2.45p.m I went home. Luckily  my mom was at home. We chatted for a while before I dashed off, armed with setapawer sambal tumis, steamed peanuts, dates and an orange.

At 3.30p.m I was at Pejabat Belia, discussed on d APRM. muka serabai, sebab saya penat giler. Anyway, working with great people like Kak Zimah,  hati saya tenang sikit.

At 4P.m saya balik rumah. Fatigue.

I made ginger chicken for breakfasting,  cukuplah tu ditambah dengan sambal tumis mak. 2 mugs of plain water, a bun, a kitkat and steamed peanuts later barulah saya solat Maghrib.

While waiting for Isya, saya baca buku.
Saya terlelap kot, sebab bila bangun,  I still clad in my telekung. Denkk..

I checked handphone, n replied texts.
It was 1.45a.m.

Saffa- insisted I fax letter to her school
Mami- a farewell lunch notification
LEC - d 17/6 event needs follow-up
Treasurer - d payment will b proceed as instructed.

The rest r Teachers Day wishes.
I tried to continue my sleep, but d exam paper had given me headaches.

tell me, how am I going to enjoy d day?

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