Monday, May 01, 2017

A not so long break Part Uno

Fetched Saffa at 2p.m yesterday. I wished d course could either finish on Monday on Sunday morning. Senang sikit mokcik nak rancang percutian. But then, itu pun d Ansara team did on charity. Mohtip sangat mokcik nak tunjuk ungrateful. 

Saffa said she learnt a lot from d course. Great!!!

Next, our pit stop was KTM Slim River. The ticket for Mid Term Break. 
No one manned d counter, so we drove off to KL. 

Heavy downpour slowed d traffic. 
At Sogo, Ya n Along waited with Mc D dabelcisbeger. I was starving!!!!!!
It is always fun meeting my nieces. 

When d rain stopped we walked to Jalan TAR n tried to find baju raya, FAILED. Along only bought a black abaya, whereas kitaorang semua tak beli pun. Anyway, we did stopped at CK Rahim n bought many baby brooches n shawl pins. 

We parted at 7p.m. They took train to Shah Alam. 
Saffa n I had dinner@Sogo food court.

I had fried egg, salty kailan, mango salad n plain rice. At RM11, I think it is a bit pricey. Saffa had yee mee sizzling. 

Later we went up n bought 2 short pants n 2 Camel t-shirt for Acho, a
2 black track bottoms for RM290. It entitled for RM20 voucher so we picked 4 packets of kitkat, 5 packets of Jack n Jill potato chips and 2 bottles of Glo dishwasher. 
Everything is on discounted price!!!!

I need some shoes badly, so went down to ground floor. Got a burgundy Valentino Creation flat and two pairs of Larrie black flat for Saffa n I. We need d black flat for our camping katanya...

It was 9.45p.m when we left Sogo. 
Took extra time because finding the customer service to verify d parking coin was such a hassle. 

Dulu there was a CS at lower ground floor. Now dah takder plak. I went up to Ground Floor, dahla it was under renovation, was told to go to Level 3. 

The safest choice was going up to Level 7, n after waiting for 5 minutes, settled. Unfortunately, waiting for d elevator delayed me even more. 

Once home, d first thing I did was contacting my uncle. His car broke down at Behrang. He did not reply. Hopefully things r good.

Saffa and I talked while trying hard to finish d Big Mac, tu pun share 2 orang. 
Then we dozed off..

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