Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Air yang tenang jangan disangka....

Untuk rekod, bila ada kekeliruan saya akan rujuk kepada dokumen rasmi. Hitam putih. For that, I was mercilessly looked down by others and accused as very fussy. Some even boycotted me and yes, I don't get good appraisal in d year end evaluation.
Do I care?
I did.  Saya menangis di bucu katil tapi depan orang I puť on my mask and pretend nothing can bite me,  sort of thing.

It wasnt easy, but knowing I can have a peace of mind,  is a comfort.

Then,  came a decision which made someone really pissed off. Despite I m in d committee,  I also wondered, WHY????

It is against d constitution, that was why that particular someone really blow her top. Gigih mokcik buka booklet perlembagaan.  It was there. She's right, so mokcik cuci tangan dan tak mahu campur. Afterall,  I was not invited in d decision making, or else mesti saya yang pertama bangkang habis-habisan:))

Cuma saya terkejut.
Why go against d constitution.  In my humble opinion when you get wrong advice,  this is what will happen.

I read somewhere, Dr Mahathir said, he will ask others' opinions, when it comes to decision, he did on his own. Jangan sekali biarkan other things/people clouded your judgement.

Unfortunately,  dat is not d case with d decision maker. I really like her. Lots, but sometimes her sidekicks are annoying, lebih sudu daripada kuah. Why????
No elaboration on that.

Once d incident happen, rackeeting noise was deafening n  I thought it was all.
Goshhh I was wrong.

Then, came another blow. D letters were sent out, asking for public apology.
If that is not enough, another disciplinary board was formed to handle the issue.

I m talking about d lawyer n litigation here.
Why??? Mokcik garu kepala.

"Sabarlah kakak", saya kata bila nampak matanya merah.
"  You always have me Kak", saya kita bila wajahnya muram sambil hugged her.

As I wrote up there, I really like her. Dia pemimpin yang sederhana, tidak partisan tapi sangat passionate. She always has good things to share n willing to share.

As for d person who started d litigation,  all this while I could see her effort n sincerity. She was not attacking a person, just to iron  things up. It just that I wish she does not bring d lawyers in...

What I kenot tahan r d person who were instrumental for d flop. They kept attacking people, saying this n that. Petik sana sini somemore.

I dont see they were helping.
We have to select new one n petik nana saya pulak.

"Dont worry, we will help you", kata the sidekicks. "We kesian you oso la.." dia tambah..

Saya geleng kepala n hugged kakak tu.
" I kesian you more kakak", saya cakap dan peluk dia.

Then 3 hours later, we were asked to celebrate the particular someone by accompanied her to her room.

"I dont want", kakak tu cakap.
Every one joined in, except the two of us.

"Pergilah", kakak tu kata.
"No thanks. I m with you kakak", saya cakap tegas.

Honestly, I have no problem with that particular someone.  I've checked, she did the right thing.
I stayed not because I agreed with what kakak tu buat, "What you did was wrong Kak", saya cakap dengan dia selalu.

I stayed with her because I know how it felt when you had worked hard, n treated badly.
I knew how it felt to be boycotted n humiliated.

Life is not a dream guys.
If u were a leader, just remember,

People advise you on their interest, not yours. 

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