Friday, May 12, 2017

Something delirious:) Part 1

"Siapa yang buat soalan?," Len tanya.
"Me. Kenapa Len tanya?" saya tanya semula.
"Sebab exam hari ni dan soalan masih belum sampai" Len jawab sambil tersenyum.

Mokcik pun tersenyum manis macam gula madu sambil tunjukkan soalan yang masih belum distapler.

I looked at the black Swatch.  Took a deep breath, "You can do it!" I whispered to myself.

Mati-mati saya ingat exam tu next week. Duh!

Now it dawned to me why Big Bro was freak out yesterday. Then, Fid n Tie also mentioned about the paper too. I wished they would remind me about the date as I really forgot.  Nayy...tread water.

As usual,  Len came to give a hand. Then Fid stacked d set. By 9.30a.m it was ready.

I believe,  working with great friends is the key to have a stress-free life.

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