Friday, May 12, 2017

Something delirious:) Part 2

While finishing MY task, Su took her paper and started clipping too. Trust me, it is a boring job.

Mr F came for donation, Len n I could not join in as our wallets were in another room. Su needed change for her RM100 note.

That was how the money talk commenced.
She wanted to let go her bracelets with discounted price.

I think she really needs the money. I agreed.
I was counting the money when bumped into TheOtherFriend.

Depan orang kita kena tunjuk manis-manis saja.

Me: Weii kita beli gelang ni kot ( sambil menunjuk)
Su: Nak tolong bayar?
Me: No la. Nak menunjuk2 je..
TOF: kecil...
me: Weii yang besar mahal kott..
TOF: (to Su) lainkali jual yang besar je kat dia.

It reminds me though, one of the first few personal talk we had was about bracelets,  many many years ago.
Barang yang lepas jangan dikenang.

I showed all n sundry  d bracelets though.
It is beautiful.
It is expensive.

Walaupun kecik- je..
I paid half.  Sebab banyak tu je saya ada duit.

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