Friday, May 12, 2017

Something delirious :) Part 4

On the second time I went to Mr Faridi's, he was still not in.

Kebetulan TheOtherFriend was there, saya kasi the last keychain n some money.

" This is from Raja, n d money is for Mr Faridi who collected donation" saya fikir saya cakap dengan jelas.

As one of his LK's was there, I could see he was so stiff n soured-face. Childish!

Not that I give a da#n anyway. He had done that for years. He had a good practice 😂😂😂

I had class, n later d bell rang for dismissed.

On my way out, mind you, hours later, I saw Mr Faridi,  chairing a meet up.

"Kita dah kirim duit pada xxxx tadi, sorry lambat", saya kata, dah janji mestilah tunaikan

" Semua sumbangan saya dah serah. Pada xxxx ye?, dia ada kat bilik tu, nanti saya tanya", dia jawab. Positif 😂

Forgive me for being a bit sceptical.
Saya tengok his car was gone, means he went off.

Maybe he forgets.
So I sent a printscreen of my run registration.  Previously,  I told him it was a 10km-run when in fact it was only fun run. Register bulan satu dulu kot, saya pun dah lupa.

Sorry tertipu, I wrote.

Blueticked. No reply.

What a fool I was, thinking that it will trigger his memory to come clean too. Nope. It is not about d money. Where money is concerned,  he is very trustworthy.

I wonder,  why he can talk about everything under d sun tapi bila hal work-related terus jadi cenggini.

"Tapi Jie,  bila I takder he was d ones yg tanya where I was n how am I doing. I thought we r friends n he really cared," saya cerita pada Jie sambil nangis bila beliau kenakan saya dulu.

"Dia saja nak tunjukla tu. Bila orang cakap pasal you, then dia nak tunjuk, oo he is d first who knows", Jie jawab. Simple.

After years, dan dah selalu sangat beliau buat begitu, I realised Jie was spot on.

Dulu-duu kot jadi macam ni, I was extremely sad.

Nowadays mokcik dah bijak sikit.
Bila this week he asked my whereabout, I replied. Rindu??

When he told me about pickles from his recent trip. I just smiled. I only asked today
, " Dah habis " came his reply. Mokcik ketawa. So him.

When kiriman yg mokcik minta sampaikan, tak sampai hari ni, even after kasi hint he was still senyap sunyi.

Mokcik cuma tersenyum sinis jah.
At least, d tagline I-know-him-like-d- back-of-my-hand still apply.

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